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July 31, 2000, 01:38 PM
Sure has a funny feel/shape. Gotta say, I like the old corn-cob walnut better for looks and feel...not that that matters any.

Here's the Q: which end of the pressure (momentary) switch did you cover, if any? Seems like it should be the back end, where the fingers would usually be gripping, which would allow tripping the switch with the LH forefinger? (The cover that comes with the light/forearms is pretty clearly a one-time application, so I'd be interested in any opinions before (if?) I stick it down.)

July 31, 2000, 02:39 PM
Glad to see that Botach came through again! :)

I covered the back end on my Responder. If you ask me, the blocker should have been made a mite longer. Standard technique calls for the shotgunner to hold his (or her) fore-end as far forward as possible; as you can see, the blocker isn't quite long enough to cover the entire rear end of the momentary pad and allow the user to advance his or her hand to the extreme front of the slide or fore-end.

IMHO, especially on a pump gun, putting the blocker to the rear is probably the best bet. If you install it in the middle of the contact pad, I can see my hand slipping backwards onto the unprotected area while working the slide (or whatever, even with a semi-auto) in the stress of a firefight. That gets us a light AD, which is generally not good news.

Same argument applies, with more force, to applying the blocker to the extreme front of the pressure pad.

In sum, I'd say go with the blocker on the rear.


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