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Patrick Graham
July 22, 2000, 11:59 AM
A while back (more than a year) I got a pair of those new line-less bifocals. They are great for sitting in front of the computer. Shotgunning with them is a different story. I missed a lot of shots with them. Well, actually I couln't hit anything with them. When I would shoot just like I have for the past 40 years my eyes would end up stairing through a portion of the glass that blurred the target. It cost me about 90% of what I shot at. Needless to say I'm back to plain old glasses for phesant hunting.

Anyone else have this problem with new bi-focals or is it just me?.. again.

July 22, 2000, 02:27 PM
I'm not in the market for bi-focals yet but I am near sighted. Others I know who have gone to bifocals won't wear them shooting. Given that you want to look out at the target when shooting a shotgun not being able to see clearly close up may be an advantage.

July 23, 2000, 04:05 AM
At the risk of soundling like an old fart, I've been wearing bi-focals for 43 years -- line and no-line. (Since I was 9 yrs. old)

I promise . . . after about three months of use, you'll start thinking that you don't use the bi-focal feature. You won't even notice that you're making the transition -- unless you're trying to read a note posted above your head on a bulletin board.

July 23, 2000, 09:28 AM
Patrick, I found that bifocals actually help keep my head down on the gun. One of my most common mistakes is to lift my head especially on straightaways. So your bifocals may be telling you something. Don't give up on them just keep that ol head snuggled to the stock.

"Keep shootin till they quit floppin"
The Wife 2/2000

Dave McC
July 24, 2000, 07:15 AM
Pat,I gave up handgun competition when I went to these #$%^&* bifocals about a decade ago. Couldn't see the front sight clearly enough, but it didn't seem to hurt either my shotgun nor rifle shooting any.

I had a pair of prescription sunglasses made up with shatter resistant lenses, and no close range prescription at the bottom. Works for me.

BTW, my latest shooting style with handguns has me peering OVER the glases. This puts the front sight clearly in focus...

July 26, 2000, 09:02 AM
About five years ago I graduated from bi- to tri-focals. At the time, I had been out of shooting for a few years. Now that I'm back to shooting, I just take my glasses off altogether and wear non prescription shooting glasses. I am FAR-SIGHTED so only need the glasses for close-up work. With open sights you should concentrate on the front sight anyway, and that's weel within my limitations of vision.