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July 20, 2000, 04:24 PM
I'm going to go rabbit and grouse hunting here in Seattle this Fall. I may want to get into duck and pheasant hunting too later but
I want a cheap shotgun to get me into the field.

My favorite gun dealer is offering me a Remington 1148 with two choke tubes for $135. It's 12 gauge and the barrel was cut down to about 27".

He says its in great shape and I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

I've bought Sig P226s/P220s, a Star MegaStar, and Glocks from him in the past and I trust his opinion. He thinks it's a great deal for me.

Other gun dealers are saying semi-auto shotguns are more expensive than pumps.

Remington tells me the 1148 was manufactured from 1949-1968 and that parts are no longer available from the factory but dealers may have parts.

Good deal for a first shotgun?

The Seattle SharpShooter - TFL/GT/UGW/PCT/KTOG

Mike Baugh
July 20, 2000, 05:41 PM
If it goes bang it is worth $135 . I had an 11-48 in 28 gauge with a Cutts compensator on it that my dad used for quail , it was a good shotgun but I liked the 1100 better . I think $135 is a great buy and you could probably make a few dollars on it after you used it for a couple seasons . Good luck , Mike...

Mike Irwin
July 20, 2000, 08:54 PM
I've whacked quite a few squirrel and dove over the years with my Dad's 11-48.

Decent shotguns.

Beware the man with the S&W .357 Mag.
Chances are he knows how to use it.

July 20, 2000, 09:30 PM
For the price you Mentioned, the 11-48 would be a hell of a gun for hunting. I have a Remington Model 11 manufactured in april of 1940 that I just gon done re finishing and love it, though my SP10 or 11-87 will probabaly be my main duck guns. Something neat about old guns and your own hand carved decoys for ducks. If you do decide to use it for ducks, do not shoot steel through it as the barrells on the older guns are softer than the new ones and will get marked up and weak over time on the inside frome shooting steel. Bismusth would be fine and legal for ducks though. Good luck in your decision


Dave McC
July 21, 2000, 04:59 AM
For the price you can't go very wrong. All I've ever heard of going wrong on the 48 is the forearm cracking. And of course, aftermarket accessories and parts may be hard to find, IF you ever need them.

IMO, get it, good first shotgun...

July 21, 2000, 10:40 AM
One of my favorite gun shops who alos has a range just had a Rem 870 with two barrels, a 20" and a 28", never been fired, for $299.

I think I'm going to spend the extra money and get a shotgun I'll carry for 30 years.

I think the extra defensive barrel is worth about $90. An older guy bought it but never picked it up and it went out on consignment.

Think that's a good deal for basically a free barrel.

The Seattle SharpShooter - TFL/GT/UGW/PCT/KTOG

July 21, 2000, 10:41 AM
I saw the Rem 11-48 yesterday BTW. The blueing was almost completely rubbed off on the entire barrel.

The Seattle SharpShooter - TFL/GT/UGW/PCT/KTOG

July 22, 2000, 02:23 PM
My brother has owned one for year's with "0" problems! He bought used at a pawn shop for about 200$. So far he hasn't needed any spare parts, although he wants a slug bbl. If you don't buy it, let me know where I can. Good luck, Terry

January 3, 2005, 06:18 PM
I have an 11-48 that my dad bought brand-new in 1961. I got it when I was 13 and used it frequently with no problems untill a couple of years ago when I had to retire it. A guy I used to work with had some deer on his property he wanted to get rid of, so I let him borrow it. He took a shot at one with a Remington Copper Solid slug (meant ONLY for use in rifled barrels), and ruined the barrel. :mad: The only drawback to this model is you can't shoot steel shot or 3" magnum loads, but for dove hunting, it's perfect. I am looking for a used barrel to replace the damaged one with no luck. Does anyone know where I can find one???

January 3, 2005, 07:31 PM
Numrich Gun Part Corporation sells replacement barrels for the Remington Model 11-48. Contact them toll-free at 866.686.7424. Their Web address is e-gunparts.com.

Good luck, and good shooting (with a new barrel)!

January 4, 2005, 07:57 PM
Thanks for the info. I went to their site, but they were out of stock. I'm going to call them about ordering one for me. I doubt I'de ever shoot it much again, but the gun means alot to me, and I'de like to be able to hand it down to my son one day.