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July 11, 2000, 01:06 AM
here is what john farnham a well respected trainer has to say about remington and their great new clinton safty for the 870.the part that worries me is that the new safty cannot be interchanged with the old safty and the fact that you can put it on by accident.

From one of our instructors:

"I finally saw the new Remington 870 locking, crossbolt safety. It uses a
small ‘key' - actually a tiny L-shaped piece of metal that inserts into the
crossbolt in order to turn the safety between one of two positions (‘on' and
‘off'), slightly less than ninety degrees apart.

There are detents which are intended to keep the safety in the desired
position. Unhappily, I was able to easily turn the crossbolt with my fingers
from the unlocked to the locked position, without using the key.

Once in the locked position, you HAVE TO use the key to unlock it. The
detent in the operating (‘off') position is non-locking while the detent in
the disabled (‘on') position is locking! It appears that the new crossbolt
safety is not interchangeable with the old one.

On the copy I examined, the lock could unintentionally engage in the middle
of a fight, immediately rendering the gun useless."

Lesson: The manufacturers are obviously rushing "internal gun locks" into
production so fast that there is no time for adequate testing. Americans are
being asked to "beta test" all these new gimmicks with their lives!
Politicians and manufacturers obviously view us as expendable.


Dave McC
July 11, 2000, 07:33 AM
Thanks, Gunmart. That thing is a travesty, like the cross bolt safety on the Model 94 Winchester. IMO, the first thing one should do with that is,A, replace it or B, place it in the unlocked position and Loctite the H*LL out of it.

Does any LEO out there have the stats on how many 870s were used nefariously in the last decade?

Finally, the 870's a great shotgun, but let's only buy USED ones until the Govt and REmington brass come to their senses....

July 11, 2000, 11:17 AM
Dave, "until the Govt and REmington brass come to their senses...."?????


NRA? Good. Now join the GOA!

The NRA is our shield, the GOA will be our sword.

Dave McC
July 11, 2000, 11:58 AM
Remington, at least. The Govt needs a little changing...

Bennett Richards
July 11, 2000, 06:52 PM
If anyone needs the old style I have an old style unused 870 trigger plate assembly that I would sell. Takes the old style un-pc safety.


July 11, 2000, 09:37 PM
How hard is it to swap out the safety and replace it with a non locking one, say something from Brownels or Scatter Gun Tech?

cuerno de chivo
July 12, 2000, 12:36 AM
are they supplied on new 870 police models too?

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po boy
July 12, 2000, 12:32 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Erick
for info only the older 870's out there have a trigger block safety only not a hammer block and it may fire if jared or hit..thats why there not chambered in police cars...Originally posted by Erick:
Find an old trigger group (or three), they're easy to swap out;

I sentence you to forty-five repitions of the Color Codde for mentioning "government" and "comon-sense" in the same sentence.


July 12, 2000, 11:20 PM
i cked one of the new 870 out for myself today and sure enough you can accidentally engage the safty lock on the manual safty by simply turning it with your fore finger.guess the law enforcment guys out there will have to start carring remington keys along with thier handcuff keys. :) :) :) :)

Bennett Richards
July 13, 2000, 11:27 PM
I may be wrong but I don't think ANY 870 has a FP block safety...


old hawk
July 14, 2000, 12:23 PM
welp looks like im gonna have ta get me a new trigger group now.i have a new express mag 870 in black matte. it did it to me .thats it,anyone have an old group they wanna swap?oh yeah 2 keys included.....

Dave McC
July 14, 2000, 03:56 PM
I hate to say it,but it's starting to look like a good time to stockpile older 870s, pre dimple, safety lock, and plastic parts. Remington is falling down on the job, IMO.

July 14, 2000, 05:45 PM
Took th' words right outta my mouth. Best part is, they are plentiful and affordable.

Dave, a Q: I have actually been looking at these some in the past month or two, looking for a backup for my current PM. Some are marked 2 3/4" and I assume that means 2 3/4 only. I don't think it matters, because somewhere in my 30s I decided that I didn't need to prove my virility (or stupidity) by firing 3" mags. However, the question remains: all things being equal, should I prefer a "three inch" receiver? Is there any difference over the years between various vintages or between the 2.75s vs. the 3.0s?


Dave McC
July 14, 2000, 08:10 PM
Mine run older than most, my HD 870 was bought used by Pop in 1956 or so. and yes, it's a 2 3/4" chamber only. I hate to think of all the game that has fallen to that 870 and its' dinky little shells(G).

Be that as it may, if you see a 3 inch version, it may be the better buy, just for versatility.

Dave McC
July 21, 2000, 04:47 AM
Just returned from Orlando, and in between theme parks and overpriced restaurants, we did stop at the new Bass Pro Shop outlet. I looked over an 870 with the new lockable safety. Try as I might, I couldn't make it go on w/o the key.The salesperson was officially non committal about it, but I could see see was less than enthused. So was I.

July 21, 2000, 11:59 AM
This is exactly why I bought my Mossy 500. They don't pull this kind of stuff.


July 21, 2000, 04:27 PM
I think the magazine dimples started showing up in 1990. In any case, a Dremel tool (or for the more advanced people, a drill) will take care of those annoying dimples.