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GI Joe
July 17, 2000, 01:07 AM
Does anyone else have one of these? It is a .410 gauge made by Sporting Arms. The gun is a single shot weapon with a knob-type safety on the right side. It has an external hammer that looks like something on a lever-gun. I shot it for the first time today. This was the first time I ever fired a shotgun. I must be awfully weak because I only put 5 rounds through it and my shoulders are still sore. The recoil does not seem to jerk the gun, but seems to go straight back to the shoulder. It makes me dread firing the Remington 870.

Eric of IN
July 17, 2000, 03:02 AM
GI Joe, I don't have any experience with the Snake Charmer II you are talking about, but I've got an idea of what's going on with your sore shoulder. It sounds like you've got a form problem. Check out Dave McC's "Proper Mounting Techniques" (http://www.thefiringline.com/NonCGI/Forum2/HTML/001125.html)

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July 17, 2000, 07:43 AM
Though the Snake Charmer series has a short buttstock it is not meant to be fired from the shoulder. The stock is way to short for an average adult-sized person. The stock IIRC is used mainly as a spare rounds holder.

July 17, 2000, 07:46 AM
GI, don't worry. It's a technique and practice problem. If you practice the soreness will go away.

I shoot a Benelli M1S90, the master of heavy recoil shotguns. The first time I took it out I too was a bit sore but after a few practice session when I learned to enhance my technique, I can now shoot 200+ rounds with little or no soreness.

Practice practice practice.


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July 17, 2000, 07:56 AM
I have a new "snake" charmer. I bought some short 12 guage shot shells from Aguila and was going to try them in my 500 Mossberg but i was worried about jams. At the last gun show i found a NIB Baikal 12 guage 20" coach gun w/o external hammers but with dual triggers for $205, try it you'll like it. The Baikal with the short shells has virtually NO recoil.