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May 2, 2002, 09:13 AM
Just got a derringer it is 45 long colt manufactured by FMJ Ducktown Tn. The barrel is stamped Mod D .45 Cal the grips have Cobray imprinted on them any info would help.
Thanks for your help.

Long Path
May 2, 2002, 09:43 AM
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May 3, 2002, 01:50 AM
Ok, I'll bite. I have one, one of the blackpowder versions, but the frame is the same. These things sell for about 40 bucks, and they have a VERY awkward safety set-up. I'm not really sure what they're for, as the safety system rather precludes them being any kind of carry gun. They work, I suppose, but I woudn't want to count on it for much. I haven't actually fired mine, but it's got a nasty trigger pull. I bet the recoil is positively NASTY in .45 colt. Heavy bullet + tiny grips = ouch! Workmanship is best described as "coarse", but I suppose some judicious polishing at key points might improve the action. The only saving graces I see for these is VERY low price, and all-steel construction. With a Kaliforny DROS fee, these guns are a looong way from being worth the price, but that's here.

Throwaway? Car gun? I dunno. I spent thirty bucks to own mine, and I wish I hadn't. The way these guns are set up, you can't get them into action at all quickly if the safety's on, (Takes two hands.) and you don't really want to leave it around with the safety OFF, do you? You CAN'T carry it like that, and these are nominally pocket guns. I got mine as an experiment in mail-order gun buying. I should have bought a B-P revolver.

The role I finally assigned to them was emergency hide-out guns to be tucked strategically around the house, and bury in cutaway books.

God forbid you've got one that'll accept .410 shotshells. That one I wouldn't shoot. You might wind up bleeding for your trouble if you shot it with a .410. See if it's got a chamber that's a lot longer than a .45 colt, I've seen a couple set up like that: Marked .45 colt, but with a really long chamber. Academic if yours isn't so configured.

May 3, 2002, 02:58 AM
The safety is kinda tricky and I have not shot it yet. From the looks of the firing pin it could go off when you close it . it was a (gift) from a friend. will shoot it this weekend and let you know. Thanks for the tip on the .410 I was going to try one but think I will pass on it now.