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April 30, 2002, 07:23 PM
My beloved old CZ 52 is become a nuisance and possibly dangerous to fire. I have replaced the hold open catch, the pin and the hold open catch spring. Everything functions fine when I cycle by hand, but when I let loose 1 or 2 of those mean little 7.62 X 25 rounds, the pin starts to back out toward the left hand side of the pistol (by the holdopen catch). It's about halfway out by 3 rounds!

The pistol was bought in the arsenal refinished condition, and I've put about 2000 rounds through it. I put in an aftermarket break-resistant firing pin and extractor at about 200 rounds, an extra-power Wolff recoil spring and new "hardened" rollers at about 1500 rounds. They love me at Makarov.com.

Other than being a little loose on the rails (but no worse than a Colt 70 series I once owned) that's the only problem. It's reasonably accurate and very reliable. The barrel does not even show much wear.

George Stringer
May 1, 2002, 07:34 AM
Ckurts, I'd try replacing it first the original pin could just be worn. But if you can't find a replacement part then you might try using a cold chisel and make two opposing dents in it. The metal around the dents will raise a little and may provide you with enough tightening to hold the pin in place. George

May 1, 2002, 10:19 AM
I've already tried replacing the pin....three times. There's evidence of a small amount of wear on the replaced pins, just a little removal or polishing of the bluing or parkerizing. The part is easy and relatively cheap to find online but it drives the wife crazy to think that I'm paying $3-$6 to get a $2 part.

I'll try working with the pin as you suggested. Nobody's ever gonna hire me at NASA as a rocket scientist, so let me make sure I get this straight: the pin when installed sticks out a very tiny bit on the side of the gun opposite the hold open catch. Should I work with the pin installed (I think I have a very small chisel) or off the gun?

By the way, is this normal for CZ 52s? Of the 2000 or so rounds I've put through it, about 50% has been new commercial S&B ammo, 25% has been some fairly recent Chinese steel cased stuff, but about 25% has been some pretty gnarly old milsurp of various and sometimes dubious parentage. (I should probably be asking this over on Parallax Bill's milsurp board).

Thanks again, George.


June 18, 2006, 08:33 PM
Have you come up with a cure for the takedown pin problem. My takedown pin comes loose after every shot. I did not see a post showing success.

James K
June 21, 2006, 08:12 PM
There is no takedown pin on the 52. Takedown is by pulling down on the takedown latch, not by removing any pins. I assume you mean the slide stop pin, which should NOT be removed for normal field stripping and cleaning. It is staked on the right end at the factory, using a center punch, and is not intended to be removed by the user. I suggest you do the same thing and then leave it alone.


June 28, 2006, 07:44 PM
Mine had the same problem. I thought the pin was too long and here's what I did to correct it.
1: I mic'd the width of the frame where the pin is inserted.
2: I removed the pin & mic'd the length of it.
3: Using a surface grinder & vee-block, I ground .030" off the length of the pin and deburred that end.
4: I re-installed the pin and set it into the frame by .015" on each side of the frame.
5: Then I staked each side of the pin hole using a flat ended punch that's larger diameter than the pin hole.

This looked a lot better than using a center punch, the hole is staked all the way around and it hasn't come loose yet.