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April 28, 2002, 05:44 PM
Yesterday (Saturday), I had a chance to shoot my first revolver competition. Now, for any of you in the Missouri area, you know what the weather was like around the Lake of the Ozark region. RAIN, RAIN, AND REALLY HEAVY RAIN! :)
The shoot was put on by the "Wheelburners", which is the revolver team from the Jefferson City Correctional Center. We had members down from the various correctional centers (CERT, C-STAR, MOCHA), and of course, my rag-tag bunch from the Miller County Jail.
None of us thought that they were really going to shoot under these conditions. YEAH...RIGHT! Like the shooting instructor from JCCC said, "Anybody can shoot on a nice day". There is nothing like going against the clock in a Monsoon.
There were 3 stages in the competition that was run under USPSA (IPSC) rules. Two were Virginia scoring, and one was Comstock. The two Virginia stages were shot with 18 rounds (2 re-loads), and the Comstock was 18 rounds minimum.
I decided that since I was fairly new to revolvers, I would shoot for accuracy rather than time. That part turned out quite well. Out of 48 possible "Alpha" hits on three stages (not counting the 4 "pepper-poppers" on the Comstock stage), I hit 46 with 2 "Charlies". My undoing was the "poppers". Comstock is truly a speed stage, so I planned to take out the 4 poppers with 6 rounds, reload, and move to box 2. Well.....after the first 6 rounds, I still had 4 poppers standing. BLEWIT!!! :eek: I reloaded, slowed down, and took out the poppers with my next 4 rounds. Pissed me off!! I swept the rest of the stage.
I ended up placing 7th. in B Class, and 15th. overall. Quite satisfied considering weather conditions and first time with a revolver. Oh, by the way....I was using my 4" Model 28 with jacketed 158gr. SWC.
As for the title of the shoot. As many of you Missouri folks may know, the JCCC (Missouri State Prison), is the oldest state prison West of the Mississippi, and is known as the "Walls". It is going to be torn down soon, and except for a couple of historical building, will be no more.