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June 22, 2000, 03:27 AM
I just bought a Benelli M1 Super 90, and bought the Surefire model 617 foregrip and taclight. The spacer tube that attaches to the gun behind the foregrip is loose and turns a bit. It is not noisy, but is not silent either, and just bugs the hell out of me, on what is now a $1000 worth of Shotgun. I am calling Surefire tommorrow, but if anyone has this combo I am interested to know if they also have this problem. I put a tube of shrink wrap under the spacer and that cured the problem, but although it does not seem it would affect function I am loathe to put anything not DESIGNED for the gun ON the gun.


June 22, 2000, 08:02 AM
I have the same set up. And mine also has the same wiggle. But I installed the light and space according to the instructions. When I installed the spacer the opposite way, the wiggle vanished. So I'm wondering if the instruction manual was misprinted. When you call Surefire about this, post your asnwer here.

By the way, a little blue loctite on the tension screws will keep the light from coming loose as you shoot.

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June 22, 2000, 08:49 AM
I have the same setup, with a 617F. My spacer doesn't really move all that much and is silent. It will be interesting to see what Surefire says.


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June 23, 2000, 01:47 AM
Got off the phone with Steve Ryan at Surefire. He says that the play in the spacer is normal and is nescessary due to a design change by Benelli. His suggestion was to use duct tape, which is the same, if less elegant solution that I came up with. BTW if you have an older M1S90 you can use taclight kit #616 which fits tight and does NOT wiggle. Now we know.