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June 21, 2000, 07:06 PM
Been shopping around for a 12 ga. with interchangeable barrels--It would be primarily for HD but I'm interested in learning to hunt. I am a rank beginner with longarms.
I've pretty much decided on the Mossberg 500.
My main question is what type of slug barrel do ya'll recommend? My first instinct is to go with one of the barrels with the integral scope mount, so I can change configurations quickly.
How well do these mounts work?
Will I need to have the raised comb stock to sight properly?
Is there a cheap slip over cheekpiece available somewhere that would substitute for the dualcomb stock?
I heard somewhere that with the integral mount one can use a standard scope instead of a longer eye relief "shotgun" scope; is this true?
Do anyone have some suggestions for reasonably priced scopes? (a website where I can compare several?)

Also, can anyone relate information or experiences with a sidesaddle warping the mossberg receiver as opposed to the remington (this is the only issue that has me doubting my choice of brands)?
Thanks all for your help,

Jeff, CA
June 21, 2000, 08:24 PM
I can't help you with the other issues, but don't put a sidesaddle on a Mossberg 500. The crossbolt for the sidesaddle is steel, so it's harder than the aluminum of the receiver. Recoil will eventually cause the crossbolt to elongate the hole. Keeping the sidesaddle loaded will accelerate the process. You can't just keep tightening it, either, because that will pinch the sides of the receiver together. Either use a butt cuff or go with an 870 with its steel receiver. Good luck.

Dave McC
June 21, 2000, 09:07 PM
First, I've done lots of slug hunting and taken plenty of deer with them, but few with scopes and none with Mossberg pumps,so this might not be what you're looking for.

Every shotgun is unique in regards to what slug works best. As a loose rule, sabots work best in fully rifled bbls,Brennekes and Forster type slugs in smoothbore and with rifled tubes.

As for scopes, there's no surprises there. Cheap scopes do not hold up well to shotgun recoil,saddle mounts tend to shift, and a good scope that will take the stress might cost much more than the weapon it's on. Price a Leopold, for instance. Still might be worth it, tho.

A thought here....

The famed "Ghost Ring" sight setup beloved of combat shotgun mavens is nothing more than a peep sight with a press agent. And, it's an excellent deer hunting sight for either buck or slugs.

My HD 870 was my deer 870 until I bought #2, which is set up very similiar to #1. Guess I've taken 15 deer or so with them, 5 with #2 since 93. BTW, I bowhunt more than I slug hunt.

A short bbled pump with a peep in proper hands is an incredible tool in trained hands.
Unless you've a vision problem requiring use of a scope, I suggest you try a peep setup and use it for HD and hunting.

This will get you started, and maybe a year or two from now you'll add a bird/clays gun to your collection.

Finally, the Mossberg is an OK shotgun. But if you buy a Remington 870, your great grandchildren will thank you for it....

June 22, 2000, 08:36 AM
For a website with a good selection of scopes (good service and half-decent prices too) check out SWFA -- I think their web site is http://www.swfa.com or http://www.riflescopes.com



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