View Full Version : source for lever action or exposed hammer pump shotguns

June 21, 2000, 02:31 PM
anybody know were to get a reproduction of the old lever action shotgun or a reproduction of one of the pre 1900 exposed hammer pump shotguns?
i am thinking of getting into cowboy action shooting

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June 21, 2000, 11:08 PM
I recall that in a recent Shotgun News that there will be a repro of the Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge available in the fall of 2000. I cannot recall who the importers/manufacturers/distributors are, but the SGN is probably available somewhere. I think that it had a barrel somewhere around 26" long
About three years ago, Tristar Industries of Kansas City (can't remember if it was in Kansas or Missouri) introduced their reproduction of the Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun in 12 gauge. It had a 30" barrel.
Both look to be good reproductions, but I have not seen any tests and evaluations on them.

June 22, 2000, 08:24 AM
Interstate Arms Corp is the importer of the Model 97 Hammer Pump. It is distributed by Valor Corp www.valorcorp.com, (http://www.valorcorp.com,) Armchair Wholesale, Camfour Inc www.camfour.com, (http://www.camfour.com,) Ellett Bros www.ellettbrothers.com, (http://www.ellettbrothers.com,) Lew Horton Dist www.lewhorton.com, (http://www.lewhorton.com,) Brazas Sporting Arms, SDI and Scott Wholesale. Your local dealer should have access to at least one of these distributors.
The repro 1887 was to be introduced by TriStar but after the 1999 SHOT Show no one has heard any more about this shotgun. Sure wish it would come out.
As an aside, at our CAS match last weekend someone was using a 1901 Winchester (1887 update) 12 gauge with blackpowder. Didn't hit anything and loading was slow but he scored major cool points :cool: for using it.