View Full Version : Problem with Sage ghostrings/anyone else/solutions?

June 20, 2000, 04:10 PM
My Rem870 Marine Mag. had Sage ghostrings installed - a receiver mounted, blade-protected adj. aperture rear, and a tritium blade-protected front blade utilizing a large ring that circles the muzzle.
I've had nothing but trouble with the rear sight blade. The aperture has come off under recoil bout 3 times now - I have it supposedly tightened and loctited on now. However, I have an upcoming shotgun class that will have me firing a large number of buck and slugs over a 2 day period, and I don't want that darn thing coming off again. I may lose it as has happened before. The unit operates like this - there's a ramped dovetailed bottom assembly that the corresponding dovetailed aperture slides along. This v shape supposedly works against the aperture coming off vertically. There is a circular barrel inset into the bottom ramp, that when a screw is tightened, the barrel presses up against the bottom of the sliding aperture, as is meant to keep your adjustments. This is where the problem is, it doens't work well apparently. Has anyone had any experience with this Sage ghostring and have any gunsmithing solutions to this problem? I was thinking of somehow having a smith drill in another set screw through the aperture to help tighten the peep.
Another "problem" I can see with the Sage sights is the tritium vial is open to the front of the blade, allowing someone to see your position in low light whenever it's pointed downrange or even possibly a 45 degree ready position.
AAhhhhh..we live and we learn.
I've emailed VangComp and they (as I've heard) seem most friendly and helpful and want to help, although I need an inexpensive fix for now. Changing sights will be a later option.
Thanks for any tips, EricO

Rosco Benson
June 20, 2000, 06:23 PM
The Sage sights are crap. A friend of mine bought a set from Brownells a few years back, but he sent them back after seeing them. As I recall, the little Rear sight within the ears is an aluminum Williams Guide Receiver sight...a light-duty sight at best.

Eat peanut butter for a few weeks and have Vang put a set of Wilson/ST Trak-Lock or MMC sights on it. If you must go forward with the Sage setup, you might try flooding the assembly with red Loctite or epoxy (after zeroing, of course).


June 21, 2000, 09:25 PM
Rosco and Erick, thanks for the replies. Yes, I'm not very happy about the Sage ghostrings. The protective blades in front seem nice and sturdy, and at first I thought it was a great idea to protect the front blade, but it seems to be a "cluttered" sight picture compared to an unencumbered front blade. Yes, Rosco, I will eventually, "Eat peanut butter.." to get these darn things off my shotgun. Heck, I believe I'd drink Cool-Aid as well to compliment it!
Do either of you know of a shotgun that had the Sage's which were then removed to install MMC or ScatterGun's ghostrings? I wonder if the holes from the rear sight and the circular band in the front will make the job difficult.
I'll send it to Vang when the time comes, and try with the additional set screw and more Loctite for the class. I'd like to be sighting through a rear aperture and not just between the "ears" for the class! :-)
Thanks again. EricO