View Full Version : Anyone using a Harrts Recoil Reducer?

June 19, 2000, 06:54 AM
Have used these in some pistols with favorable results...wondering if anyone's used/using one in an 870? (These are metal tubes filled with mercury and lead shot -- the 870 version weighs about a pound, which would soak up some recoil all by itself, even without the movement of the mercury and shot!)

Dave McC
June 19, 2000, 10:07 AM
J, back around 1958, I was toting my first 870 across lots of cornfields chasing Pop and a Shorthair as they chased Pheasants. I wondered why the darn thing weighed so much. Back in those halcyon days, Remington included a mag plug made of solid steel, weighing over a lb, and it could fit tightly into the cavity under the butt plate. That's right, real men didn't use sissy pads then(G)...

Of course, 8 1/2 lb shotguns kick less than 7 lb guns.


Instead of the Harrts,which may be a great option, try adding some weight. That 870 I mentioned I still have,much modified, and it comes in over 9 lbs with sidesaddle,mag extension, and fuzzy dice.The recoil mule is now a pony...

The problem I have with putting all the weight at one end or t'other is balance.The piece will swing and handle better if the balance point is about halfway between your hands.

Got an extension on that? Add maybe 7-8 oz under the pad and see how it feels.