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June 2, 2000, 12:51 AM
hello all, does anyone have any advice on different trap guns--under 600$? and why?

Arizona Eric
June 2, 2000, 07:48 PM
I started with a Rem 870, no rib, modified fixed choke, 28 inch barrel. I think now an 870 Express, at $250 or under, is a good starting gun. I wouldn't buy a cheap double, as you get what you pay for and re-sale on a no-name would be difficult at best. A used Beretta 303 could be had for below your price range, and a Beretta A390 for a little more, along with the Browning Gold Hunter. Gas operated guns lessen the recoil a bit. You probably want a 28 or 30 inch barrel on a pump or auto.

Break 'em all!

Dave McC
June 4, 2000, 09:37 AM
I'm no trap whiz,but I see lots of folks still shooting the Remington 1100s. A little less kick, great durability, and good performance. Bet a used one set up for trap would come in way less than your cash ceiling.

June 4, 2000, 01:20 PM
Remington is Re issuing the Trap 1100 this year. The gun will probably sell in the $800 range set up for trap.

Don't know about your area but used 1100's are mighty scarce in my neck of the woods, clay shooters prefer them to the 11-87.

Remington also has a nice trap model 870 with nicer wood and I believe a raised rib, worth looking at.

Geoff Ross

June 5, 2000, 08:13 PM
I recently lucked into a barely used Citori that the fellow was willing to let go for less than your ceiling. I love it. Seems he just needed a riding mower worse than a shotgun he inherited from his dad.

However, my son uses an 870 with a 28" ribbed barrel w/improved cylinder choke and he wouldn't trade it for two Citori's. I paid way less than your ceiling for it used and it never lets him down.

Whatever breaks them for you and feels good when you shoot it.

Arizona Eric
June 6, 2000, 07:46 PM
Hey Rick, how come *I* never run into people who need a mower more than a Citori?