View Full Version : Barnes Expander Sabot Slug: Is this as good as it looks?

June 3, 2000, 11:13 PM
I was looking at Federal's web site out of curiosity, and saw something interesting on the new products page. They have a new slug that looks great for HD. This is their comments on it:

"Our partnership with Barnes Bullets has produced the most exciting news for slug hunters since the advent of the rifled barrel: the Barnes Expander Sabot Slug. This solid copper slug boasts a lethal combination of speed accuracy and knock-down energy. The huge hollow-nose expands up to 150% more than conventional slugs, retains 100% of its original weight, and groups at 2 1/2: or better at 100 yards in fully rifled barrels. And Federal's proprietary sabot sleeve is safe for use in all barrels. You'll just have to see it to believe it."

The solid copper is in a shape that will expand into 6 wings, and I like the slicing damage the slug would cause rather than just the penetration of a lead slug. I also like the 100% weight retention.

Just wanted to know if anyone had more info our thoughts on the slug.

To find the pictures go here: http://www.federalcartridge.com/andex.html
and click on "New Products". It is toward the bottom of that page. More info is under "Premium" and then "Slugs".


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Shawn Dodson
June 4, 2000, 02:38 AM
If I remember correctly, you need a rifled barrel to shoot these? If shot in a smoothbore they'll tumble end over end due to the location of the slug's center of gravity.

/s/ Shawn Dodson
Firearms Tactical Institute

Dave McC
June 4, 2000, 09:31 AM
The question that NEEDS asking here is, what will this slug do that other loads won't? For purposes of HD, it's hard to find an ineffective shotgun round.Haven't yet, in fact.

My concern with this slug(and all others) is overpenetration.

Also, are you ready to range test these and find out the difference in POI between these and your shot load of choice? Even at HD ranges, they will be different.

We all know about the KISS principle. IMO, the average shotgunner would be better served by finding a reasonable HD load and where it hits, than by switching back and forth between loads in an AS scenario.In the middle of a life and death struggle is not the best time to figure out when one should change ammo.

Shot works just fine for HD. If the problem moves outside, reach for the AR, AK, or Gramps' old 30-30.Or, reach for the slugs then.

June 4, 2000, 02:42 PM
Very good points, though I still like the features of the slug. The fact that it needs a rifled barrel and would most likely shoot differently than other slugs and shot would almost require a separate shotgun for this ammo. If I used it for hunting and had a gun ready for these slugs, I think it would be something to have handy.

Dave McC
June 5, 2000, 08:21 AM
Kiffster, a dedicated shotgun makes a lot of sense anyways. The much vaunted versatility of a shotgun is somewhat mythical,if you're talking about ONE shotgun.

My HD 870 is accessorized like Joan Rivers, and while it's not useless in a dove field or on the clays range, there's better choices.

My deer/slug 870 is the same way,and serves as backup for the HD. The changes consist of rifled choke tube out, Modified tube in. BTW, if memory serves, 00 patterns 12-18" lower than POI for slugs of choice in THESE weapons(Your results may differ). Not a problem for HD, tho if I went deer hunting with 00 some place I should rezero for the longer ranges.I hunt slug zones, so that's what's zeroed in for.

My homebuilt bird 870 would work fine for HD, even with its 4 shot capacity, but really shines on birds, small game and clay games. For long range pass shooting at big geese, etc, it's not the best choice with its 21" bbl.

NONE of the above are what I'd pick for quail and grouse,etc, a fast handling light double bbl in a smaller gauge would work fine.

Currently toying with the idea of setting up a slug gun. Friend has done good work on herd control with a NEA heavy bbled single shot,and I'm interested in the idea of using a scope for the first time in decades on a shotgun. This is more like a 12 ga rifle,and I'll most likely use the Lightfield sabots and a Leopold variable, say the 2-7x. As for versatility, this is as specialized as an F-16.