View Full Version : Patch lube that really works.

April 22, 2002, 03:01 PM
A few years ago some of the skinners up in Friendship came up with a blackpowder cleaner that really works. It is cheap to make and NOTHING you can buy beg barrow or steal works as good.

You can use it for patch lube and I am not kidding you can shoot heavy loads of blackpowder and NEVER have to clean between shots. The last shot you fire will load just as easy as the first even after a hundred shots.

I can burn a whole pound of Elephant or Chinese powder in my .50 or .54 in one day and the rifles will never get even slightly hard to load.

Since your barrel is staying so clean you get very good accuracy.

Much better accuracy than using Wonderlube.

This works just as good in a .32 as a .62.

When using it as a cleaner it disolves powder fouling on contact.

It only costs about $5 or less to make a batch of this so you have to try it.

Mix 3pts rubbing alcohol, 3pts peroxide, and 1pt Murphys Oil Soap in a dark jug so light will not ruin the proxide. I use an old antifreeze jug.

You cant hunt with this lube because it will dry out but just for shooting and cleaning it can not be beat.