View Full Version : easy question...easy answer?

April 21, 2002, 08:40 PM
the front sight on my Mosin-Nagant M44 won't stay put. it easily moves from side to side with little pressure.

here's the question...what do i need to do to make it stay put?



April 21, 2002, 08:55 PM
Can you get the sight at least most of the way out of its' dovetail?

If so, use a center punch to put a few "dimples" into the top of the base. Should help create some friction when you drive the sight back into the dovetail.

April 21, 2002, 09:01 PM
oh yes, the sight will come completely out of the dovetail with very little effort.

4V50 Gary
April 25, 2002, 09:20 PM
Besides what TooTech said, stake the sight in place (staking punch is placed right where the sight and base meet) front and back after you sighted in the gun.