View Full Version : I Shoulda Bought A G-code!

Navy joe
April 21, 2002, 04:21 PM
ARRGH! :mad: :mad: :mad: Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

Anyway, I got to see first-hand Scott's products today at a local gunshow, a dealer from North Carolina had a nice selection of them. The quality looked very nice, I especially liked the inner tab that came all the way up covering the safety and keeping gun and clothes separate. Problem is I had bought a FOBUS Roto an hour earlier at another table and was kinda in hog heaven over it too. Told the dealer I'd order some G-Code from him when I had more money. Continued to happily play with my new Fobus, was wearing it from the minute I bought it. Retention was great, speed out of holster nice too. Until the show ended and I sat down in my car. The gun snagged on the seat and the holster popped off and so there I was staring a condition 1 1911 in the face. Hmm, I thought that was odd until I picked it up and realized the Roto part stuck to the paddle had broke right through the screw hole!

Now how exactly is that "Combat proven" as Fobus says its holsters are? Nor was it very "Tactical" or "elite" and they label their stuff "Tactical Elite Holsters" . I suspect that with a strong grab I could rip someone's holstered weapon right off their side. Not so Tactical :barf: . Now I don't expect my holsters to last 57 years like my carry gun has, but a little more than 3 hours would be nice. I e-mailed Fobus, I'll let you know how it goes. Right now with whats left I could convert it to a belt holster or make a metal plate to replace the part that broke. I still like the rest of the holster, but my day is absolutely in the toilet because I was looking forward to wearing this thing around the house tonight and getting used to it. :(

Scott Evans
April 21, 2002, 04:40 PM
That’s what I keep telling people! :D

Navy joe,
Seriously, very sorry about the new Fobus breaking … I’m sure they’ll fix you up.

Also, thanks for the kind words about the G-Code products. I hope when you have a chance you’ll give them a try. They do cost more then Fobus but we put a tremendous amount of effort into each rig. It’s also good any time I hear about our products in the hands of dealers. Getting the word out is a big challenge; your help is much appreciated.

Navy joe
April 21, 2002, 06:12 PM
After the urge to throw my gun across the room passed I analyzed this deal a little more. The problem is the whole "Roto" part is not Kydex which has a fair amount of give and flex. To get the locking grooves they want the piece is injection molded out of something rather brittle, very similiar material to those CIA letter opener knives. Derlin? Nothing short of a new material is going to solve their problem, I prefer the more conventional method of several holes to adjust cant. I think that regardless of what Fobus does I'm going to replace the piece with a similar shaped piece of aluminum. I gots skills like that yo! I'll fix the cant angle with a second rivet and be done with it.

Navy joe
April 22, 2002, 06:51 PM
Someone w/ Fobus USA e-mailed me today and said that they were dropping a new holster in the mail to me. That customer service alone recommends the company as one we should do business with, appears their warranty is no BS. The problem remains with the design though. All the stress concentrates at the single screw that joins the rotating halves and the injection molded plastic isn't up to the stress.

It's not about getting in my car, it's just not secure. I plan on buying another Roto soon, maybe two and doing some retention tests with a volunteer. I postulate that if I get a good grip on the weapon, muzzle end of holster or both I am bringing that thing off the body. A std push down by the wearer to counter the gun unholstering or ripping the paddle up and out may aid my cause. We'll see.

I hear tell that the local Marine Corps Exchange, last of the PX's to sell guns, lots of guns, has G-code for sale, going shopping I think.