View Full Version : Mark II,22/45 Trigger take up Mod

April 21, 2002, 10:39 AM
Remove trigger take up and add a 10th of an inch to the break point

For me this worked much better then drilling and tapping a screw in the trigger under the over-travel screw. That modification reduces the take up, but, puts the trigger closer to the grip. However, it works great for fine tuning the below modification. I have large hands. This is like having a long trigger on a 45. The safety still works.

1. Field strip the weapon.

2. Using the exploded view, page 33, in the instruction manual. Disassemble the hammer assembly.

3. Reassemble the hammer assembly leaving the hammer off the hammer bushing P/N A02505

4. Now you can visually see the gap between the sear P/N A01901 and the disconnector assembly P/N KA011 contact point (located on the bottom of the disconnector assembly) while pulling and releasing trigger. Mine was approximately 1/16". This gap is the cause of all the trigger take up. It can be reduced, not totally removed.

5. Remove the disconnector assembly by removing the hammer pivot as stated above. Remove the trigger assembly by removing the trigger pivot pin this is held in place by the trigger pivot retainer P/N AP04200 located between the trigger and the frame on the right side, push it down with a small punch, while pushing pin out.

6. Put a drop of braze on the “L” of the disconnector. Where it hits the sear. Using files reshape the brazed area, to the dimensions of the “L” leaving the front edge long to fill in the gap.

7. Enlarge the hole for the hammer pivot by approximately 1/16” on the trigger side of the hole. Polish to remove all sharp edges.

8. Reassemble by reversing the above steps.

Now my trigger feels almost as good as the one on my S&W mod 41. :D