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April 18, 2002, 10:41 AM
Based on reviews on this and other forums, I recently started using a Spyderco Sharpmaker I had bought on eBay a while back and never used. Its really kind of cool the way it works - much better than the other crock stick sharpeners I've used. It must be the formulation of their stones.

I have the older style without the flat storage on the bottom of the base. It came with medium and a fine stone sets. The directions mention an extra fine stone set. I've searched all over the web using Google and can find replacements for the medium and fine stones, but not the extra fine. I've also encountered a diamond stone set, but that is actually coarse and intended for reshaping edges before going on to the stones (I think). You see mention of Spyderco bench stones in extra fine, but not the Sharpmaker stones.

Does any one on this list know if the Extra Fine stones exist for the Sharpmaker.

Jack Carson
April 19, 2002, 10:52 PM
Not that I know of. You don't need one. The sharpener will do every thing you need it to do as it is.


Joe Demko
April 22, 2002, 10:46 AM
The white stones that come with it are fine enough. They put a very polished edge in place. If you want an even higher polish, you might want to consider a razor strop. Get the diamond speed sleeves, they considerable shorten the amount of time it takes to reprofile a blade or sharpen a very dull knife.

April 23, 2002, 07:41 AM
I think the Spyderco extra fine stones are pretty new and not released to the public yet. I seem to remember reading on Bladeforums that they were being released to some people as a demo before final release to the public. Do a search or post on the Spyderco Forum at Bladeforums and I'm sure you'll get your answer. http://www.bladeforums.com/

April 23, 2002, 04:06 PM





I thought I would save you a little time, as I happened to be on my way over to Blade Forums anyway.