View Full Version : Uncontrollable urge to buy more guns.

Navy joe
April 17, 2002, 08:54 PM
I want to get a pair of 1851 Navies, probably the Navy arms repros. Anything bad to say about them?

I also know where sits a Ruger Old Army, what's a fair price for a used one in barely used shape?

Eventually I'll get that BFR and want to shoot .45-70 BP loads in it, anyone done this?

And finally, back to the repro cap n' ball, if not the Navies I know that some of the old percussion guns had easily removable cylinders and one practice was to carry extra loaded cylinders on the person. Some apparently carried them already capped which is fine and dandy I suppose as long as you pad that end of the cylinder well and keep the business end away from anything important. I would love to have a pair of sixguns with about 4-6 spare cylinders. The models that could achieve this escape me.

April 17, 2002, 09:21 PM
The 1858 Remington has a "quick-change" cylinder. That's the gun Clint Eastwood carried in "Pale Rider". The Remington is also stronger than the Colt's because it has the top strap, but the Colt's is prettier. IMHO 1851 Navy is the most handsome gun ever built.:)