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April 15, 2002, 06:22 PM
After reading a few posts from this forum, It came to my attention that the grip angle/design on my Cold Steel voyager may be unsafe if I chose to violently thrust with it. I decided to put it to the test by stabbing an old phone book repeatedly, gradually increasing the force. I found that my hand wanted to kreep down with each impact. A troubling thought kame to mind, what if my hands were wet? With this in mind, would a quality push dagger make a viable alternative for a small, lightweight defensive blade?

April 15, 2002, 06:25 PM
Potential downside of push daggers is they are specifically banned for carry in many jurisdictions.

April 15, 2002, 09:54 PM
A better choice might be Polkowski/Kasper Companion from CRKT (http://agrussell.com/crkt/cl-2773.html) .

April 15, 2002, 11:48 PM
I have the Cold Steel Safekeeper I, the 6" model, which by the way I don't seem to see for sale anymore.

bought it for fun, really, because I use a CRKT folder on a daily basis, but I did carry it for a while. I found it somewhat awkward to use for the mundane tasks I had for it (box cutting, letter opening, wrapper peeling, bottle wrapper taking-off, etc) but fun to use in poking at things. so that's it, really, for me: it was a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-s & giggles type of splurge to pick up. nothing wrong with that in that particular context.

more to the point, for what job do you have in mind for this particular tool? have you considered the repercussions of using it in a not-so-clearly defined self-defense scenario, if that's your anticipated application? it's GALLING to have to consider being second guessed in this fashion, I know, but you have to consider how it's going to look to a DA when s/he looks over the facts of a case, pending possible prosecution. personally, I'd prefer it if a tool I carried had more than one use, for more than one job. there's a saying in backpacking, "If something you carry does only one thing, it's not pulling its weight." FWIW and all that.

I read somewhere (possibly in the Cold Steel lit) that push daggers were favored weapons during the Gold Rush, but I might point out that the times back then were not nearly so litigious.

in a purely academic sense I've trained with knives, but it's way far down the list of things I'll want to use in a self defense situation.

April 16, 2002, 08:17 AM
Push daggers are really, really ugly...:D

I think too that you'll find that many jurisdictions classify the push dagger in the same context as "dirks, daggers, bowies" and that other long list of so-called prohibited "weapons"...

I'd be awfully careful about showing someone my push-dagger or brandishing it in public...:)