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April 15, 2002, 05:36 PM

Good little safe, holds two guns no prob.
I have a little 9-shot .22 revo, compact 1911 and two mags in mine.
You can program three to six (or five?) entries, wich can be one or two buttons at the same time, so there's lots of combinations.
It beeps when you push a button, which you can turn off, but I wouldn't.
It only allows an entry ever 1/2 second or so, so it's easy to move faster through the combination than the computer will read.
With the audible beep you get a confirmation.

I'm a speed dialer myself, so this is one thing I'd love to see improved. I have mine set at three digits (more concerned with children than safe crackers) and I want to leap ontop of the thing and "pow pow pow" have the gun in action.

The keypad is very easy to use.

The other thing is that the gun lays flat.
One thing I really liked about my second runner up was that it delivered the gun holster-style.
This may be a bit quicker, though I think if your piece isn't on you, you're going to be missing seconds, not fractions thereof.

This one also locks you out for some period of time after five failed attempts.
With analog locks you have the option of punching all but the last number in, for quick access while you sleep, for instance.
This one clears itself after three seconds or so, so that's out.

There is a key override, by the way. Hide it well. (But not too well!)

Construction is great, thick, solid.
Takes a 9volt, recommended replaced every year, though it'd probably run for a few.
9volts are cheap, so why press your luck.

In summary, best place for a loaded gun is on your hip.
Second place is within 2'.
If you can't do that, this safe is a viable option.
You trade mechanical simplicity for ease of use and lockout capability.


April 15, 2002, 06:11 PM
i have the GV2000 multivault (as reviewed above) and I'm very happy with its operation. takes 8 AA batteries, with a key override in case you forget to change them for a couple years. door is spring loaded.

April 15, 2002, 08:19 PM
AA batteries.
not 9v.