View Full Version : Kalifornia Legal AR/FAB10 Rcvr.

April 11, 2002, 12:54 PM
There is a new lower receiver for Kalifornia AR shooters. The FAB 10. Basically this is a standard AR rcvr without a removable magazine. The rcvr has a 10 round box magazine incorporated that is loaded via a stripper clip.

Only problem is that the upper rcvr must be "broken open" by removal of rear rcvr pin so that the rifle can be "opened" to allow inserting cartridges into the box mag.

The standard AR ejecion port is very small and doesn't really allow you to get your fingers in. Does any one know if the upper rcvr ejection port could be "opened up" to allow loading into the box mag kind of like you would do on a bolt action rifle? If the ejection port could be enlarged you could load 10 rounds into your box mag "one-at-time" without breaking open the rifle.

What do your think???

James K
April 11, 2002, 11:50 PM
I have wondered if opening that port would weaken the receiver, but I don't know for sure. If the port were opened up to the rear, and a clip guide riveted on, it might be possible to load a fixed magazine from a standard 10 round M16 charger. I don't think you would need to have it load straight down, it should work at an angle. But, like you, I am just thinking; I haven't done any measurements or anything.


April 12, 2002, 03:19 AM
GoGoGadgets answered this question over on AR15.com, I think on the firearms forum or maybe the build- it -yourself forum.
Basically he says he's been working on a top-loading design and may have something that will work later on (this year?).
You won't be able to "rivet" on a guide since it would interfere with the bolt. Opening up the ejection port would take you into the "rails" the bolt rides on. Someone asked about doing something like a floorplate in the magwell (maybe similar to a hunting rifle?) but it sounded like the BATF and CA DOJ thought that it would be too easy to fit a detachable mag to. Keep thinking though, and you might come up with a workable idea.

April 12, 2002, 08:58 PM
I loaded my SKS by closing the bolt, turning the gun upside down, opening the floorplate, and just dumping the 10 rounds into the magazine. I closed the floorplate, turned the gun upright, and racked the bolt. Voila'!

Now if some enterprising individual came up with...

On a related note, see the latest AK pistols that have permanently attached 75 or 100 round drums? The lids are free to unlatch, when you want to load the pistol, you turn the follower in towards the hub, load up the rounds in the drum, close and latch the lid, wind it up, and off you go. Pretty darned slick! But since they're definitely over 51 ounces, probably still not Kalifornia legal :D