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April 4, 2002, 12:01 AM
we stopped by our sporting good store here in town to get some arrows "repaired" and order a new dozen for competition for my brothers and talked to some people from our 4-h group, and shooting sport program were friends with, and they asked me to go along on this special turkey hunt on fri, sat, sun. I said sure and were leaving fri at 5 i the morning and i get to mis sa day of school on top of it......:eek: :D :rolleyes: :cool: and im going to use one of his 12's instead of mine because mines just a 20 and it will give me a bit more range and shot in the pattern.

Im going to buy a camo parka tomororw night thats water proof incase it rains a bit and im just going to wear my camo insulated coverals. Hes got all the calls and stuff and i think im gonna have fun-this is goveremant land and htis is the first year its open to hunting-turkey hunting-and im one of hte first-pretty sweet deal-his son entered the drawing and 3 people get to go along and im tagging along

Any tips?tricks? etc. I know about the shot and choke stuff, but u aim for the head right? and whats the max range? etc. thanks


April 4, 2002, 09:14 AM

First, (Not that I'm an expert) you will learn what sit still means!

Second, I hope you have fired the 12 you are taking into the woods.

Third, I aim for the base of the neck (Most of my pattern centers above the bead), and I don't shoot until the turkey sticks his neck up. (This could also be described as a 6 oclock hold.)

If you have shot the gun, then the range is as far as you get a good pattern.

40 yards is the MAX anyone reccomends, I have been fortunate to shoot turkeys at an average of 25 yards. Let them come close.

Decoys help. They are a great yardage marker. the turkeys look BIG, and once they come near the decoys you know the distance.

First time, don't try a long range shot. My first turkey was at about 28 yards.

If you are out of position and the turkeys see you, DO NOT try to fast draw on them. You will lose (Don't ask me how I know.)
If they are standing there going PUTT PUTT, you are busted, but you can try to slowly ease into position. (If the gun is on your lap this won't work, if it is up and you have to move a little bit to get a shot it might.) They Putt when they are nervous. if you move fast they will be gone before you can blink. Move slow and they might stand there looking at you just long enough...

Good luck, post your fun here next week. (I have to wait until May 1-5 for my WI tag, near Eau Claire)



April 6, 2002, 06:39 AM
Joseph aren't you from the Hays area? Where are you hunting? I'm going after my first bird next week too, we'll compare notes!
Meanwhile, check these sites out

April 6, 2002, 08:12 PM
I havent shot this gun before no, but i am pretty damn familar with it, its a super magnum 12 gauge-870, as mine is lol, just a 12 gauge. The father bought it when he was around 18 used...so its been aorund the block and its just a field gun.

well ya im from hays and u? i forgot, im hunting in the woodston wildlife area for turkeys (the kid im going with got the draw for it and were the first people to get it this year :)) -woodston is about 3 miles or so east of stockton i think but right around there-anyway, thiers some great big toms but we havent gotten them close enough yet, there were about 4 big toms, about 1 or 2 really large dominant ones we saw this morning at around 6, they got up earlier than expected and we didnt get our decoy setup in the place we wanted to, but we still got it set up and a few small jakes, toms, and hens went right past my friend and his dad-about 5 feet, and by hte decoy and 3 of them flanked us but we were ready, they were all too small and the toms were smaller than the hens! for some reason the toms didnt follow :( we had it setup pretty nice and we just had bad luck with the wind, i hope tomorows better, were getting there earlier and setting up the way we want and kick some @$$ ;)

well i think tomorrow is our last day going-MAYBE monday depending, but it wont be there probably by thier house, catherine area if u know where that is, thanks


April 6, 2002, 09:04 PM
Just about any "old load" can work for turkeys, but I'd suggest buying a few heavy in the ounce department #4, 5, & maybe even 6s & pattern them at 40 yards on a life-sized turkey target.

Shoot each & see which really does pattern best - you're looking for density of shot in the head/neck area.

Personally, I prefer Federal's 2oz #4s - patterns like an SOB & #4s have the punch for a bit longer shots, BUT, that's only in my shotgun - YMM (& will) V

Let us know how you make out.

BTW, if you get a turkey w/in 5 feet, #12 for a head shot will take 'em out. ;)

April 6, 2002, 11:08 PM
Here's a link I forgot to add - real nice target for patterning your gun.


You can find more info at the parent site

Good hunting!

April 7, 2002, 05:30 PM
it was really foggy, raining, misting when it wasnt raining, and windy this morning so we didnt go out, might go out tomorrow morning at the guy's farm or something, i dunno but i probably will go during the season a few more times to get my turkey...