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April 3, 2002, 11:41 PM
I just ordered a Benchmade Pre-Production Axis lock 710 with the M2 tool steel blade. I spent
about a week looking at the 710 and a limited edition Ares 730cfhs (carbon fiber handles and a M2 steel blade). I was having alot of difficulty deciding.

I sent an email to http://www.americanheritagesports.com/

Asking them about their prices on the two knives I was interested in. Joe the owner got back to
me within an hour and sent photos. He answered several additional questions that I had after
seeing the photos. He had some great prices but the thing that won me over to his shop was the fact that he offered to send me both knives to look over and decide which one I would like more. A very generous offer. At that point I knew I would spend my money with him.

I ended up declining the offer to examine both knives. I knew that if I saw them both in person I
would have ended up buying both. The wife would have loved that. I ordered the 710 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I will always take my business to those establishments that offer the best service even if I end up paying just a little more for the product.
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