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April 3, 2002, 02:24 PM
Thought I try my luck here. I have 1922 Browning in 32 ..Yeah I know smallish..I saved it from being given to the police as the owner didn't want it..Anyway ..The pistol functions fine, thought the recoil is a tad more than I expected for the 32 cal.
The question is about the recoil spring. When i go to clean I have to slowly unscrew or twist it of the barrel. It seems exceptionally tight. Not just at one end but for most of the springs length. I always put a few drops of oil on it before reassembly but is this tightness normal for it's design?

ps. It Nazi occ made with drop holster and spare mag. in about 85%. Tiny sites..LOL

Anybody have any experience with these?

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April 3, 2002, 02:32 PM
Mine doesn't have quite so snug a spring, and neither does my 1910 (same gun, shorter barrel). I'd suggest a new recoil spring from someone like Wolff. In addition, the spring may be in need of replacement, and the additional recoil is the slide battering the frame. Springs are cheap...