View Full Version : Performance Specification for M4/M16 Upgrade

Bartholomew Roberts
April 3, 2002, 12:13 PM
I found this interesting document lurking in Googl'e cache while looking up proposed improvements to the M16 magazine and bolt that came as a result of the SOPMOD project for the M4 carbine.

This is the performance specs put out by NSWC Crane for the replacement/upgrade of the M4 Carbine. Considering the heated discussions we have had over the reliability of the AR15, I thought TFL might find the link interesting.


To say that they are being pretty demanding is an understatement... a few quotes from the spec:

3.7.1 PPI APP1, Function with Non-Standard Munitions: The PMOD shall fire an upgraded generation of conventional munitions with improved accuracy and reduced dispersion when compared to the currently fielding munitions, and shall be insensitive to varying pressures of different ammunition types.

3.7.2 PPI APP2, Function with Various Muzzle Break/Suppressors: The PMOD shall fire reliably with both the current SOPMOD QD Sound Suppressor and an upgraded generation of Muzzle Break/Suppressors. PMOD should be insensitive to various muzzle devices.

. An improved trigger is desired which results in a consistent 3-8 lb breaking force that is adjustable by organizational level maintenance. Goals are reliability, low maintenance, improved corrosion resistance with a life of 30,000 rounds regardless of firing schedule, temperatures, and cooling methods. APP 1, RELIABILITY: The system shall demonstrate a minimum acceptable Mean Rounds Between Failure of at least 6000 (threshold) and 15000 (objective). A Failure shall be defined as any one or more of the following: (1) The occurrence of a malfunction. A malfunction is any cessation of any ability of the system or any of its components to perform its intended function. A system is the item or combination of items that are under test. (2) The occurrence of acondition, which causes an unwarranted safety hazard to personnel. (3)The occurrence of broken or unserviceable part that renders the weapon inoperable or unsafe if firing is continued. Failures which are attributable to ammunition or operator shall not be charged against the weapon; they will however, be recorded.