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March 27, 2002, 09:19 PM
Can anyone explain the differences between the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon and the 687 Silver Pigeon II?

The Beretta website has some information, but it really seems incomplete. For instance, it says the 687 Silver Pigeon comes with chrome bores, but doesn't say anything about the Silver Pigeon II. Does anyone know if the 687 Silver Pigeon II comes with a chrome bore?

Any information on the difference between these models would be a great help. Thanks!

March 27, 2002, 10:54 PM

Some one there will know, but I bet damn sure 687 SP II do have chrome bores.

March 28, 2002, 01:13 AM

I went over to that posting board and found where you had posted my question. Someone answered and said that they did come with chrome lined barrels.

Thanks so much for doing this, and for the link!

I wish Beretta would put a comparison up of all their models and what the differences between them are.

March 28, 2002, 09:27 AM
Not a problem, I am pretty sure I am gonna get a 687 SP II for falls dove season.

March 28, 2002, 11:07 PM
Holmes- I just purchased the 687 silver pigeon II sporting model and it does have chrome bores and to my knowledge so do the rest of the Beretta shotguns. I have the 390 also and it sure looks like a chrome lined bore to me. The way it cleans also says it's chrome. The 687 silver pigeon II has the deep game scene engraving and a higher grade stock. The silver pigeon just has the scroll engraving with the Beretta trident on the side plates where as the silver pigeon II has ducks on one side and quail on the other side (at least mine does). The silver pigeon is only available with 28 ,30 and 31 inch barrels but the II comes with 32 inch barrels instead of the 31 inch option. My silver pigeon II has a tapered rib on it and I might be wrong but I don't think the silver pigeon has that option available. I've looked at both models and each one mounts and swings just as smoothly as the other. I opted for the silver pigeon II just because of the deeper game scene engraving and the more figured walnut stock. I decided if I was going to spend the money for an o/u I'd better get the one I want. Hope this helps some.

March 28, 2002, 11:45 PM

Thanks for the info. I know that the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon does not have chrome lined bores. I looked at one at a store near me, but unfortunately they don't have anything higher than the 686 Silver Pigeon.

Again, thanks for the post. I think I see a Silver Pigeon II in my future!

March 29, 2002, 09:20 AM
Silver Pigeon and Silver Pigeon II.. :confused:

Jeez, sounds like Beretta is learning from Browning. Change some cosmetic on the gun and claim it is a new model to jack up sales. Browning has been doing this for years with the Citori line.

My $.02

March 30, 2002, 02:53 PM
If the citori line had a more ergonomic stock with the cast-off for a right hand shooter and a better general fit I might have bought one. Not to mention that the aesthetics on the Beretta are much more pleasing and the fact that they've been in business for 476 years has something to say about the craftsmanship and business sense. John Moses Browning was a design genius and has probably contributed more to the world of firearms than anyone else I won't argue that. Is Browning teaching Beretta a thing or two? I doubt it. Beretta was there long before. Do you think things firearms get cheaper when more work is put into them. Be it cosmetics, chrome bores or mechanical triggers and selective ejectors. It's just like anything else.

March 30, 2002, 07:27 PM

I agree. I held a Citori and then a Beretta and I fell in love with the Beretta. I thought the Citori just felt much more thick and club-like. I liked the really nice and refined feeling of the Beretta.

Hey, does anyone know if you can convert the automatic ejectors on the Beretta 687 SP II to extractors?


March 31, 2002, 08:00 AM
My comments RE:Browning were directed at the citori line which is made in Japan. The japanese Brownings are not the same as Belgian Brownings designed by JMB.

Browning (The present company, not JMB) has for years redesigned their guns periodically claiming a new improved model. Basically a marketing ploy to get shooters to buy the new guns that are the same as the old guns. Just a different rib or different stock or different cosmetics.

It seems that Beretta has learned from Brownings MARKETING and is starting to produce new models that are really no more than cosmetically altered from their old designs.

A 687 is a 687 no matter what Beretta calls it.

As far as learning from JMB. I bet most TFLers could point out Beretta guns that are influenced by JMB designs.

March 31, 2002, 10:07 AM
I was out looking at guns yesterday--I went with a rifle(on that day).

BUUUUT---my next shotgun WILL be a Beretta 20 ga. O/U with 26in barrels.

I just can't see shelling out 2 grand for the Japanese club--sure, some of the Citoris look nice----they just don't stir the heart like the Beretta does.

Seeing as that I can't swing the Belgian Superposed----Beretta is the next choice for me after that.

My current shotguns are a 12ga Ruger Red Label and a 12ga Beretta ES100 NWTF semi-auto-------the little 20ga Beretta will fit nicely in my small collection.

March 31, 2002, 11:11 AM
According to Beretta's catalog from last year all of their o/u's have the chrome plated bore and chambers, including the 686 and the al391 auto line, both field and competition models. I don't see where it says anything about the side by sides but that's another story. I can see where you're coming from Geoff but that type of "marketing" is prevalent in most industries. Take auto makers for example; you can buy a Dodge ram pickup with a V8 engine or a V10 engine or a diesel engine in probably more cosmetic packages than I can think of but it's still a Dodge ram. I don't think that it's necessarily influenced by another manufacturer rather by market trends and what the consumer wants (basically what sells). Creating a new model every time a new option is offered wouldn't be very cost effective but building on an existing model that has already made a name for itself would be. Holmes-I can't say for sure if the ejectors can be converted to extractors I don't see anywhere in the catalog that any models have the extractor option maybe someone else on TFL will know if they can be converted. Personally I like the ejectors that throw the spent shells and just raise the unfired ones.

March 31, 2002, 03:52 PM

On that site i posted for you I read about someone "converting" ejectors to extractors, which was done with a metal file. Sounds like a semi-perm. job on the gun.

March 31, 2002, 05:32 PM

I don't know what the catalog says, since I don't have one. I did look down the barrel of a 686 SP, and it as all blued, which I interpreted to mean to chrome lining. Oh well. Thanks for the info, though. Maybe their documentation is a bit out of date, or it is only on new 686s.


Yeah, I posted this question over on the Shotgun Sports board and someone posted with some instructions for filing the ejector down. I don't think I am ready to take this on just yet!

I was hoping to get a response like, "ok yes, so-and-so makes a drop-in part that will make your Beretta extract, not eject".

I guess there is no easy solution to this.