View Full Version : THANKS to Brigadoon's in Midwest City, OK

March 27, 2002, 07:26 AM
Brigadoon's is a small, family owned operation in Midwest City that specializes in military surplus gear and weapons. I visit the shop from time to time to fulfill my C&R habit.

Mark is the proprietor. A couple of months ago I purchased one of the Yugo SKS's that were beginning to hit the market. I payed premium price for what appeared to be a very good specimen. It took several weeks before I was actually able to get out and shoot the gun.

Unfortunately, the gun malfunctioned due to an overly-worn gas cylinder. I took it back to Mark and he fitted a Chinese cylinder that fixed the problem. He asked if this would be OK with me to which I answered "yes". I took the gun home and after a few days of fretting about it, took it back to Brigadoon's, explaining to Mark that I wasn't terribly pleased with having spent top dollar for a Yugo only to have to retrofit a Chinese gas cylinder.

Mark then took me back to his storage area and we picked out one honey of a replacement rifle. He told me he had seen a rash of bad cylinders and was doing what he could to satisfy his clients.

I just wanted to take a moment to point out what I believe to be superior service, particularly in this "roll the dice - take your chances" C&R market. Mark was highly accommodating and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. I can't say that for other gun shop owners in town. If you're in the market for these kinds of weapons be sure to check out Brigadoon's, just east of Air Depot on SE 29th Street in Midwest City.