View Full Version : How long has the Marine Magnum been made?

March 25, 2002, 09:57 PM
I just got some Marine Magnum bits and I was surprised to see a non-flex tab shell lifter in the bag. The mag extension is also not the short 18" barrel style but the 20" +3 style. I have never seen a Marine Magnum with a 20" barrel. That would be neat.
Just wondering,

March 26, 2002, 11:51 AM
The history and genesis of the Marine Magnum:confused:

March 26, 2002, 12:31 PM
Seems like I recall seeing it in the catalog for the 1st time--sometime in the early '90's-----'92 maybe??

I don't much more about them------- I picked one up in the store the other day---but the price seemed a little stiff for what it was--Heck, I can get a full camo turkey 870--with sling and all for less than the Marine mag.