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March 23, 2002, 06:36 PM
Any of you guys or girls hunt with a 303 Brit. round? If so what is hunted and what rifle/bullet do you use? Also how effective is it.

I have a #5 Jungle Carbine and it is a please to shoot.



March 25, 2002, 12:40 PM
Hello Turk,

Since no-one has yet replied, here's a slightly OT post that might make you smile.



From http://yarchive.net/gun/rifle/enfield.html

A few years ago I was invited to build a rifle for the 2300 yard
matches in England. The only requirement was that it would be able to beat a Lee Enfield. What a joke! Since my rifles held all the 1000 yard records at the time I felt confident when I told them if I didn't beat every Enfield on the line they wouldn't have to pay for the rifle. I should have checked the record book before shooting off my mouth .It would have saved me a rifle. There is something very unique to the Enfield that has been explained to me and I still don't understand exactly what it is. It has to do with the two piece stock and the harmonics plus the flex of the joint makes every thing come together at 2300 yards. You Lee Enfield lovers check the records of the 2300yard matches at Bisley. It will lift your spirits so high you will be able to laugh at us Magnum shooters. Don't ask me how a rifle with a 300 foot
mid range trajectory can consistantly beat out our high scoring Mags.

Gale McMillan

catmath 1911
March 25, 2002, 12:45 PM
I've hunted Wild Boar in Crossville, TN with a .303 Jungle carbine. The boar is mounted on my wall, and I am here, typing on the computer. It worked like a charm. ;)

catmath 1911