View Full Version : 454, 45 LC, and 44 mag

March 23, 2002, 06:10 PM
In hunting situations, what can the 454 casull do that the 45 LC and/or 44 magnum not accomplish? Under what circumstances might you say, "The 44 magnum is not enough power, so I'm going to use the 454"?

Also, it's my understanding that the 44 mag can be loaded with 300 grain bullets. Can either of the others top that--at least in terms of weight, if not velocity?

March 23, 2002, 08:08 PM
Yes, The 44 mag is commercially loaded with up to 330 gr bullets Arctic Ammo in Alaska loads a 328 gr load for the .44 at over 1200fps. The .45 LC in a modern ruger or other strong pistol can be loaded slightly hotter than that. The .454 is another catagory all toghether. It is far more powerfull than either the .44 or the .45LC.In fact it is very close to the factory loaded .45/70 rounds available today. If I were handgun hunting larger animals I'd go with the .454 for everything else the .44 or .45 can do it and do it well.