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March 21, 2002, 12:43 PM
I tried inserting a USGI Magazine into my M1A Scout and I noticed a 3/4" long x 1/16" wide semi-arc scratch on the upper right hand side of the magazine. The park. came off almost completely and I am down to the smooth metal after pushing it in and taking it out a few times. Upon further examination, I noticed that the scratched was caused by the "stock liner" It is a piece of flat metal that lines the inner wall of the magazine opening. It is pressed against of the insides of the wood stock. The shape of the metal appears to be normal and not deformed. However, the alignment of the liner is a little bit off centered so one side is slightly raised than the other side.

Is there something that I can do myself to fix the problem? Springfield says it could take 30days or more for them to repair it plus the shipping time. I am probably looking at two months before I will get it back. I don't think I am that patient...especially when I waited so long to get it in the first place.

I wonder if this is the problem of the wood stock? If I remove the wood stock and put on a USGI syn. stock I wonder if that will solve the problem of alignment.

Anybody here ever had this happen to them? I know the magazine would get scuff marks but I think this is more serious than that.

March 21, 2002, 12:50 PM
USGI fiberglass stock has no metal liner, hence nothing to scratch. I'd suggest you swap out to one of those ($15 or so from Fred's, but you'll need to fill in the selector notch, and prolly give it a paint job)

Then, once your rifle is usuable/happy again, deal with the stock itself. You're right though -- Should Not Do That -- not normal. Sounds like Springfiled just pooched on the stock assembly.


March 21, 2002, 12:55 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. How hard is it to swap out the stocks? I have already got a USGI Synthetic stock that I got from CTD. It is fiberglass and it is brown...unfinished? I plan on having it repainted to a camo pattern and put it on my M1A Scout but have no idea what I am getting myself into.

I purchased the book from Scott Duff so I can learn about the M1A before I mess with it. I am fairly new to rifles so I still have a lot to learn.

As for the wood stock...can the metal liner be bent or realigned into position or is it something that is more complicated than that?

March 21, 2002, 01:14 PM
Swapping the stock is easy -- look at biggerhammer.net for the M14 manual, they illustrate this process. Or the Scott Duff book has it as well.

0 -- remove the magazine from the action and make sure it's unloaded.

1 -- pull the trigger guard away from the stock. The rear side should "unlatch" and the trigger guard swivels out. Theis releases the trigger assembly from the action. It may be tight!

2 -- pull the action out of the stock.

3 -- put the action into the new stock.

4 -- put the trigger assembly back in.

5 -- clamp down on the guard -- you're done!

Total time -- prolly about 45 seconds.

Now, if you want to do it right, you'll fill in the selector notch and paint the sythetic stock first -- there's directions on how to do this in the Scott Duff book. (I had JB weld recommended to me as a fill -- worked beautifully)

Repainting is likewise easy.. get a few different colors of matte camoish colors and go for it.. you'll likely want to do the handguard as well. (Duff's book will tell you how to get it off. The Scout model may be a little different, I'm not certain)

Finally.. the wood stock. Hard to say without seeing it. I'd just put the rifle in fiberglass and ship the wood stock back to Springfield and tell 'em to fix their own mistake.


PS -- here's what the fill looks like when you're done:


I had to fill in the front notch as well to keep the op rod retaining pin from working loose... YMMV.

April 16, 2012, 07:56 PM
After many Years of Saving and Waiting I just joined the club and got my M1A. I was so excited to get it to the range a put some rounds out. Not soon after I noticed all my magazines had an Arc scratch on the right side. :eek: Clearly, I am having an issue just like wdigeorge. Disappointing to say the least. :(

I know I can call Springfield and send it away for 30+ days for them to fix but I would like to examine all my choices. Anyone know if Springfield will pay all costs including Shipping any Dealer Fees? :confused:

I don't want to replace the Stock and was hoping someone might have a solution?


April 17, 2012, 07:09 AM
See if SAI well send you another stock liner. You could take a file to the offending area on the stock liner.

April 17, 2012, 08:15 PM
It's likely more of a stock issue than a liner issue. My supermatch did that for a while (has no liner; it was scratching on the receiver leg). I buttered on a thin layer of JB weld, then filed it back down to flush and problem was remedied. Again, I have no liner and painted the metal parts with a release agent (turtle wax).