View Full Version : Remington M1903s vs Rem M1903A3 Quality?

March 20, 2002, 10:13 PM
Were the Remington M1903s better fitted or made to tighter tolerances than the Remington M1903A3s? I've heard people say that the Remingtons (all) were made on "worn out" Rock Island Arsenal tooling and therefore are not as well made as the Springfield rifles. Truth, fiction, half truth??? I believe it's the case that the A3s (all) were made to looser specs than the M1903s, so presumably there is some truth there, though they seem to have proven quite functional, reliable and accurate.

James K
March 20, 2002, 10:27 PM
Remington had to rebuild most of the old RIA tooling, but they got it right and the Remington '03's are OK. So are the '03A3's. On the latter, the parts are a bit rougher, but the tolerances are right when and where they count. Of course, the '03A3's were not made with the care and attention of the peacetime 1903's, and some corners were cut in the redesign, but they shoot as well or better than the earlier guns. Also, FWIW, and in my admittedly limited experience, the 2-groove A3 barrels shoot better than the 4-groove.

Ironically, those beautifully made low-number rifles are potentially dangerous, while the "made by the mile" M1903A3's are about as strong as any rifle going.