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December 14, 1999, 01:22 PM
I have a Beretta 1201FP. I would like to have another barrel for it which would have chokes to tighten up the pattern for the ocassional skeet shooting that I do too infrequently to justify buying another gun. It could be the standard 20 inch barrel or a barrel of more typical "sporting" length.

Any suggestions which would not approach the cost of a 2nd gun?


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December 14, 1999, 03:42 PM
A gunsmith in Sandusky, Ohio reamed out the end of his 1201P barrel, and threaded it for tubes. He did put a reinforcing sleeve around the muzzle as it was very thin after being "tubed". I would imagine any 'smith should be able to do this operation if he has the proper jig.

Neil Casper

December 14, 1999, 04:46 PM
There's a TFL member that is a smith who does custom shotgun work as you speak of.


Give him a ring and see what he has to say.


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December 14, 1999, 05:00 PM
Thanks for the great info. I'll check out the sites. I half expected to be reamed for not going and buying a real gun. I appreciate the positive input.

Anyway, you should see the other gunners when I take my position among the other four as I heft my pistol-gripped home-protection tool.

"Uh, that's not gonna be loud is it? I didn't bring any muffs."

I "compete" just for fun at the shoot that is scheduled before my gun club's monthly meetings... after all, they made the mistake of inviting me the first time.

I think they are amazed that I usually score six to ten with the "riot gun." Just wait 'til I use something besides rifled slugs. Maybe some buckshot instead? ;)


December 17, 1999, 05:28 AM
Briley will set your 1201FP barrel up with a set of chokes for, as I recall, about $100. Give them a call. ljlc