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December 14, 1999, 10:10 AM
If I wanted to store some 12G ammo in an air-tight container, can I use a sachet of silica gel to keep the cartridges dry? I'm concerned that the cartridge heads may rust with what little moisture is sealed in the container, but I don't want to damage the powder performance either.

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Big Bunny
December 14, 1999, 08:42 PM
I wouldn't worry too much, I have used shotgun ammo 40 years old! I found the shot becomes a bit oxide coated and the powder sets into a block which crumbles. Any corrosion can be wiped off the brass head, but they still work OK though some of the old nitro loads pack a fair punch at either end !!

You could get an ammo box from surplus Army sources (50cal or 7.62mm cal is fine) and they are relatively air-tight. For a better job a tub with a needle valve from the same source is better with a clamp-down clipped lid, used for 1"AT minigun rounds, I believe.

Silica gel - I have used for small areas in photography in tropical conditions for lenses etc, but a candle stub uses up the air as well and is cheaper than gel, though a small amount of water-vapour would be added by the combustion I suppose.

Simply storing in strong,air-tight, black plastic with a hot-wire seal works well too, -not unlike a freezer-bag concept.

Unless it is 'special purposes'(wink-wink)ammo, I like to turn it over by using the oldest first.
Have fun, everyone should have a bit of extra ammo somewhere, just dont forget where you put it [like I did a while back when it was needed urgently].

***Big Bunny***

Jeff Thomas
December 14, 1999, 09:09 PM
As I recall, Cabela's sells some packets of silica for just this purpose. They also sell larger containers for use in gun safes. Check them out - http://www.cabelas.com .