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December 13, 1999, 10:46 PM
Anybody have any experience with this new stock set? It's the one with that holds 4 extra rounds AND has an integrated pistol grip (not just a PG - integrated like on an AR15) Here's a link to see them -> ASPI Speedfeeds (http://www.aspila.com/stocks_grips/speedfeed.htm)

I just ordered my Rem 870P parkerized, wood, 18" IC, 7rd ext, and bead. All that's left is waiting for it to arrive ("about a week"), deciding on which Speedfeed to add, then qualifying.

Any comments on the Speedfeeds would be appreciated - I like the idea of one handed control with the III (like for opening doors and such), but have never actually held one of these stocks. Anyone???

Also - anybody seen the Trijicon beads that Remington now sells?


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December 13, 1999, 11:45 PM
I have one on my Mossberg 500A. The stock is very nice; gives any shotgun that Benelli "tactical" look.

You can easily handle the weapon with one hand, although I don't know abuot firing it one handed. One thing I noticed though: I cannot remove the trigger group with the stock in place; the pistol grip gets in the way. The stock does have the cool ability to hold up to four 2.75" shells. It works very well, IMHO.

December 14, 1999, 09:00 AM
I have a Speedfeed-I stock on my 870 Marine Magnum. Love it. I personally do NOT like the pistol grip on any shotgun. IMO, it take slonger to bring up to the "ready" position WITH the pistol grip.

The mag tubes in the stock are nice. The shells will not fall out even if the gun is banged around. A flick of the finger will pop the shell out with ease though.


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December 14, 1999, 11:10 AM
I have one on my Mossberg 590A1. I also had a little trouble removing the trigger group until I filed a little of it away.
I like it, I keep slugs in the stock mag tubes and "00" in the side saddle.

December 14, 1999, 05:37 PM
I have one on each of two mossbergs (a 500 and a 590-A1) and I love them. Definately worth the $$. I got mine from Cheaper Than Dirt, but ASPI has them for about $12 less that I paid. They aren't quite as nice as the Benelli ones, since the Benelli's have a rubber grip, but still far more comfortable than the Butler Creek folder that it replaced on the 500, or the traditional speedfeed that came with the 590.