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December 6, 1999, 12:43 AM
Do any of you have any experience with Recoil reducers? I am especially wondering about the one from Hogue. Do they work?

I'm thinking about getting a dedicated home defense SG. And I'm trying to make it kick as little as possible so my wife will be more comfortable shooting it (ok, well me too). Looking at a Jungle gun, and I'm thinking that I might just get the barrel VangComped. Between the Vang barrel and a recoil reducer on a gas operated gun, it should be pretty darn mild.

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Dave McC
December 6, 1999, 05:43 AM
The thread I started on HD shotgun observations has some inout, and briefly....

The big advantage to a mag entender on a HD shotgun is not more shots, it's the weight to help control and reduce recoil. Other means include adding a Sidesaddle and filling up the butt cavity with lead. The heavier the weapon, the less kick.

Think about it. You'll not have to carry it far,or hold it for long. Extra weight in this kind of shotgun is good.

I have no experience with Vang,so no comment there.

December 6, 1999, 02:47 PM
I have a friend who shoots Sporting Clays with a Beretta AL390. He has had the gun Backbored, the forcing cone lengthened to three inches, the barrels ported. He has a mercury recoil reducer in the stock and another one that screws into the forend cap. He has an adjustable stock and buttplate. The gun still kicks, but he claims that it shoots softer than a stock AL390. I shot it and a standard AL390 and can't tell the difference.

Other shooters who shoot O/Us have had recoil reducing stocks installed, they claim the recoil is noticeably reduced. One diehard has 3 Brownings of his own and his wifes Marocchi done with the stocks, and he is in Master Class. The stock is made by a company called G Squared. Their phone # 760 788 8888. The stock is expensive, about $600 but appaently it works. I see more and more of them on clays courses.

My $.02

Geoff Ross

December 6, 1999, 06:55 PM
Correia, I purchased the Hogue recoil reducing stock (Comp Stock), through my department. I haven't put in on a shotgun yet... still deciding which Mossberg model to buy. Anyway, it has detailed instructions for mounting, and looks fairly simple to install. Hogue claims it reduces felt recoil by 60%. The Comp Stock has a price of approx $160.00 (and I believe a money Back guarantee). Before ordering, provide Hogue with the make and model of your shotgun. Hogue is a good company and I recomend them highly!! When I get the Comp Stock mounted and put it to use, I'll POST the results on this forum.

Al Thompson
December 6, 1999, 06:59 PM
I think the real key here is going to a 20 ga. I've seen a couple of deer killed with the buckshot round (don't recall if it was the # 3 or # 2 loads)and it worked fine.

I think the 870 youth gun is an excellent buy. I have two of the Winchester versions and am very pleased with them.

I think with the 20 you get 70 % of the effectiveness with 50 % of the recoil.


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Dave McC
December 7, 1999, 05:25 AM
Actually, Giz, Daughter's Youth 20 bites at both ends.The weapon's light enough to have an authoritative kick,even with light loads.
Brennekes are horrendous,and I'm not exactly recoil sensitive.

This 20 handles beautifully, but there's always a cost.

Al Thompson
December 7, 1999, 11:45 AM
Really? That's a new one on me. Mine do kick less than a "riot gun" in 12 ga.

The other option then would be to get an 1100 in 20 ga. (not the light 20, but one of the full size if you can find one.)

Have to admit, slugs are not my preferred load for HD.


December 7, 1999, 08:16 PM
i used to shoot competitive skeet and skeet shooters will try just about anything to cut recoil. i have personally tried several different methods and adding weight to the gun seems to do the most noticeable reduction. at one point i shot a winchester sx-1 with a stan baker barrel that had had everything done to it, porting, backboring, long forcing cones,etc. it did not kick any less than the factory skeet barrel. i shot over 100,000 rounds through a professionally fitted (stock) perazzi with long forcing cones , porting and backboring, it still masnaged to literally crack my teeth into pieces. added weight to thse guns and they were much more pleasant to shoot, heavier but, friendlier. the weight helps the game in a smoother swing which does not really apply to your use. we used lead shot to weight the guns.

Dave McC
December 8, 1999, 05:42 AM
Coupla things, Giz... First, Daughter's shotgun is not for HD, we've alternatives that work better for her.

Secondly, IMO one of the reason's the 20 bites me so hard is the short stock. Bet a slip on recoil pad over the standard one would fix it nicely.

Agreed on slugs for HD,not...

Big Bunny
December 9, 1999, 11:20 PM
Good personal shotgun fit takes a lot of beating to reduce felt recoil, as does a gas operated S/A system !

***Big Bunny***

Big Bunny
December 9, 1999, 11:25 PM
Oh yes, as an addendum ...a built-in pistol grip will work for some(but not all it seems) and also reduce felt recoil by (1)effectively spreading the recoil load and (2)making sure in a 'quick situation' the butt is firmly pressed on the right bit of shoulder.