View Full Version : Benelli Nova a few ?

December 2, 1999, 10:43 PM
just wondering if there are any good accesories to buy for the gun my dad is buying one and i was wondering what i could buy him for christmas? Also i was wondering if u can buy a fully rifled barrel for the nova? thank u

December 3, 1999, 09:15 AM
Go to www.benelliusa.com (http://www.benelliusa.com) for info on factory merchandise and some Nova information. Or a good hard case is always appreciated. Didn't see any spare parts info for the Nova though.

December 3, 1999, 05:41 PM
T fal,

Its a Benelli, you don't need spare parts.


On BenelliUSA, there is a black quilted soft sleeve with a bright red interior for about $75.00. These are excellent and I would appreciate two. So, I think he would apprecite something like that.

December 8, 1999, 01:11 PM
the nova has sling mounts but doesn't come with a sling...

seen this page: