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ammo dave
March 17, 2002, 04:34 PM
Although not a shotgunner, I acquired a 12g SKB s/s dbl several years ago in a gun trade from a fellow servicemember. He said he imported it privately from Japan which may explain the absence of a numerical model number. It's marked Royal Light and appears to be a field grade shotgun with 2 3/4" chambers and 28" barrels (full/imp). The stock is nicely checkered straight grain walnut with a pistol grip and small foreend. The receiver is satin nickel with minimal stamped engraving. It has a single trigger, no ejectors, and a slightly raised non-ventillated checkered rib between the barrels. My guess is that it's probably equivalent to an Ithaca/SKB Model 100 or 150. Any educated guesses as to its quality or dollar value in NRA VG/Exc condition?

Chuck Graber
March 17, 2002, 05:35 PM
Ammo Dave,
I used to have one of these and they are indeed the equivelant of an SKB 100. They were made for the European and domestic Japanese market. Many of these guns were imported by soldiers stationed in Japan, as was mine. These are quality guns and wear well. The only problem is that the 100s and the Royal-lites are a little prone to cracking the stock right where it joins the receiver and in the forearm. This can be solved by glass bedding the front end of the stock. Small cracks can also be fixed by using the liquid version of "Zap-a-Gap" which penetrates. Regular Super Glue is water soluable and won't hold if the guns gets wet. Keep a sharp eye out for small cracks and fix them before they get big.

My gun had bores that measured dead on at .729" and chokes at .016" and .042" which is IC and Very Full. My gun also had case coloring instead of Nickel finnish.

The value of these guns mirrors the model 100s. In Kansas I have seen these guns lately at gunshows for about $600 in the condition that you indicated.

Chuck Graber

ammo dave
March 18, 2002, 12:25 AM
Thanks for the info; although I hadn't planned on selling the gun, I always wondered what I really had.