View Full Version : Bounty Hunter II

December 1, 1999, 01:31 PM
I ran across a Bounty Hunter II at last weeks local gun show. I really liked the feel of this double-barreled shot gun. Does anyone have any experince with this shotgun? I was planning on using the shotgun for clay and HD, but with it's short barrel, can it be used for hunting as well?

Dave McC
December 2, 1999, 05:56 AM
Did some quail,dove and woodcock hunting with an old Savage SXS shortened to 22 inches, no choke. After taking some wood out of the stock to get it back in balance, it handled well.

I doubt it would have been satisfactorily as a goose gun, or long range ducks, but it worked for me as a fast, close shotgun...