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November 30, 1999, 09:33 PM
I am looking at buying a used police model Ithaca 37 in 18" barrel. I haven't seen the Ithacas in quite a few years but remember them as being very sweet and smooth. Any thoughts from any of you experts out there? I am comparing it with a new 870 for HD.
Thanks, Otis

Al Thompson
November 30, 1999, 10:12 PM
Hi Otis,

I have one myself. The key with these guns seems to be price. I paid less than two hundred for mine.

It's hard to tell wear on the '37's as they are all steel. Most cop guns were carried a lot and shot very little.

I would ignore surface wear and take a very close look at the stock. The area where the walnut touches steel is key. Make sure it's not oil soaked or soft. No splits, cracks or loosness. (buttstock) The foregrip is important, just ensure it's not cracked or loose.

I bought one for a left handed buddy that appeared brand new. :)

If you have a selection, don't be afraid to sort and pick.

There were a few that had full choke bores. Mine has that feature - just be aware that it is really full! You will find that the full choke models will not pattern OO buck very well - but do fine with # 4 or # 1 (my fav).

Look hard at price. If it's not more than two hundred, you may have a good deal. More than that and it gets kind of iffy. There are very few add-ons for the M37's, so what you get is what you've got.

Hope this helps,


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November 30, 1999, 11:03 PM
Thanks Giz, I don't have a choice as it is through an internet source that deals a lot with police trade ins for $180. I think that Bushmaster offers synthetic stocks in a worst case senario if the wood is bad. If you have another source, I would definately be interested. My mind is made up on the Ithaca.

Dave McC
December 1, 1999, 05:56 AM
The Ithaca 37 is another J M Browning design that keeps going and going. Much as I like the 870, I must admit the 37 is one great shotgun.

December 1, 1999, 10:11 AM
Gun Parts Corp has stocks for the 37. Be advised that if you want additional barrels, you need to know your serial number as there is a cutoff number where the earlier pattern of barrel won't fit the later receiver. Don't remember offhand what the cutoff is though. I really like my 37, especially as I'm a southpaw (still thinking about getting a Browning pump as that's an even better southpaw weapon - it has downward ejection and a tang safety).

Al Thompson
December 1, 1999, 05:58 PM
Not sure where you are OTIS - we have a couple of "cop" shops here in South Carolina that have M37's every now and again.

Just make sure you have a three day examination peroid, so if you don't like the gun you can ship it back.

FAL308 - Chuck Taylor is a big fan of the BPS as an all round scattergun.


December 1, 1999, 08:03 PM
Went to order the Ithaca today and they had none in stock. I was looking at the 870 in the local gun shop and they had a Winchester 1300 defender that looked very impressive. Might give it a try. I'm still looking for the Ithaca but can't seem to locate a used one anywhere. BTW I'm in Co. home of Columbine and the great mayor Wellington Webb of Denver.Thankfully I'm in the mountains far away from all that bullspit.

4V50 Gary
December 1, 1999, 10:21 PM
I've got both the 870 (several actually) and the Ithaca 37. My Ithaca is a 20" barrel model with the extended magazine.

For pleasure shooting, blasting, FUN, you did well in choosing a used police Ithaca. It doesn't have a disconnect and you can hold the trigger down and fan fire it (that is, every time the action is pumped closed, the gun will fire - just keep your finger on the trigger). It empties as fast as you can pump it. Keep the muzzle in a safe direction if you're going to go wild like I did.

We have an old thread here which discusses some of the other guns (Win 97 and Win 12 as well as a few others) which also had this wonderful feature.

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