View Full Version : Mossberg 9200a1

November 26, 1999, 07:29 PM
I was thinking about purchasing a 9200a1 , but I am unsure as to weather a Remington 11-87 would be a better choice. The Mossberg just seemed to be built tougher, but I know I can get more accessories for the Remington. Opinions and comments are welcome. By the way, I already own several good pumps.

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Bennett Richards
November 26, 1999, 09:34 PM
Many would say that Reminton has the edge on durability...


November 27, 1999, 09:59 AM
I looked at the 9200A1 a little while ago also. It's the mil-spec version and it seemed to be pretty solid and durable.
But between the 4 round capacity and the nearly $600 price tag, I thought I could probably do better with something else.