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March 15, 2002, 09:40 PM
Recently, I purchased a Baikal 12 gauge, SxS 20" bbl shotgun with internal hammers and double triggers. It seems like a rather decent shotgun (for the money, especially), and it won't be used very often. I bought it mainly for home defense (hence the shorter barrels). Has any of you had much experience with these guns? I realize that they're not Berettas, Rugers, or Remingtons; however, are they relatively decent firearms?

March 15, 2002, 09:53 PM
If there is a knock against Baikals it's the comparative weight to similar guns but for your purposes this is a benefit. Like just about anything Russian, they are heavy, sturdy and strong. They are not in the same league for fit and finish as the more expensive guns but this isn't an issue either.

What I'd be concerned about though is using a sxs for HD. You either have the gun stored loaded with the hammers cocked and the safety on or broken open with shells in the chambers. For HD, I'd go with the later. If you gun has double triggers you can put two different loads in the gun and have instant selection. I live in the country and might put a round of buckshot in one barrel and a slug in the other.

There may be those who deride the sxs because it has only two shots but two shots are better than none and with a buttcuff holding additional shells should get the job done.