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November 18, 1999, 06:40 PM
Hi all!

My first shotgun question!

Thinking about buying my first shotgun (non-inherited), I'm considering a pump, Remington or Mossberg, I would like one that I could use as a house gun, and in the proper season (like now) as a slug gun for deer hunting.

Are only selected shotguns in these line capable of swapping barrels at home?

How difficult of a job is it?

how is it accomplished?

I'm jetting over to coinneach's mossberg page to see if that covers this topic.

Thanks in advance for all the help!


November 18, 1999, 07:47 PM
Go with the Mossberg. Barrels can be swapped in under a minute via a knurled nut under the barrel.

You can buy a combo with a 28" ported barrel, an 18.5" defense barrel and pistol grip.

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November 18, 1999, 08:09 PM
Lots of people like the Mossbergs, I favor the Remington 870 myself. I've had an 870 for over 20 years and it's NEVER failed. I just picked up the new Super Magnum Express Combo, a 26" vent rib barrel with modified choke, and a fully rifled 20" barrel with rifle sights. The barrels change like the Mossbergs, just one knurled nut, no tools required, and it takes about 20 seconds. I'll be shooting it this weekend, and I'll post results if interested.
The chokes are changeable, it comes with a wrench to do the deed. I'm not sure, but I think the Mossbergs do the same.

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Dave McC
November 19, 1999, 05:30 AM
Get the Remington 870, your great grandchildren will thank you for it. One 870 here at Casa McC was purchased used around 1956 by my father. Besides what he shot, I've put over 3000 rounds through it and it's tight as a bank vault.Utterly reliable...

Nothing against the Mossberg, but the 870 is one of those classics like the Model 12 Winchester, the 94 Winchester, the 1911 GM, the BAR.... GEeeessh! I forgot, it's a John Moses Browning design too...

November 21, 1999, 11:37 AM
I've owned both the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870 and they are both fine, reliable shotguns that are easy to swap barrels on. Both can be had with interchangeable choke tubes. Remington makes a rifled choke tube, for that deer hunting option you mentioned. I don't think Mossberg does (but I could be wrong).

If you ever decide you want to add capacity (as in a magazine extension), stick with the 870. The Mossberg 500 design precludes this.

Hope this helps

November 21, 1999, 12:09 PM
I really appreciate all of your help to date!

I was down at the shop that I normally buy from, they have a Remington 870 Home Defense. It has synthetic stock, and 18' barrel. No sling studs, no extended magazine tube. $259

Do you think that this is a fair asking price for the weapon? I should mention that I have a $100 credit at the shop, so that will help influence my decision.

From the reading of this forum, I've decided that I'd add to the weapon the following.

Scatter gun tech 2 shell extender w/ sling mount $45

Scatter gun tech stock swivel $4.95

Jumbo head safety $12

I was planning on skipping a side saddle for now. Although I do have a buttstock thingy that I would probably add.

Although this from the Remington website does bother me. "Note: the Model 870™ Express® HD is intended for personal use and will not accept law enforcement accessories. " Why is this? does anyone know?

I understand that I have to look up the Hunting regulations for this state for shotguns before I went hunting with this piece. Anyone to be a critic?


Dave McC
November 21, 1999, 08:02 PM
For deer hunting, a sighted bbl with or w/o a rifled tube is a good idea. Also, a mag extension clamped to the bbl can tighten groups dramatically. However...

I'd keep the accessory list very short until you have the piece for awhile. The next big thing you should buy is lots of ammo and range time.Once you've thoroughly familiarized yourself with the weapon, THEN get the bells and whistles you want.

Re Jumbo safeties, the bigger a safety is, the easier it is to knock off unbeknownst.

November 22, 1999, 05:34 PM
macondas, I got a Mossberg 500 for $199. It has a 20" barrel, a 7+1 capacity, and a synthetic stock. I just recently added a Speedfeed III stock and TacStar sidesaddle.

The reasons I chose the Mossberg over the Remington:

Mossberg has larger ammo capacity
Mossberg is lighter weight (recoil doesn't bother me much)
Mossberg has an ambidextrous tang safety
Mossberg has a military contract
Like the Remingtons, Mossbergs have a plethora of accessories available for it.

You can't go wrong with either gun; both Remington and Mossberg have very good track records. Of course, Remington has a very long history behind it, but I'm not into nostalgia, so that didn't influence my decision. My advice is handle both guns you intend to buy (friends, perhaps?), for you are the one who wil be using the gun.

Ron L
November 23, 1999, 04:56 PM
A friend just picked up a Mossberg combo with long vent rib barrel and screw-in chokes and a slug barrel with sights for right around $260.

As a southpaw, he particularly liked the ambidextrous safety on top. Not only can he use it, but anybody in the family can as well.


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