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November 19, 1999, 03:34 AM
I want to get into reloading shotgun shells.I go threw aot 250 shells aday!
I was wondering is it hard to reload ad ha ll do i need? I would like pogresiv press to produce a good number of shells. Any good reloadersout there.
I shoot wnchesters AA light loads 7 shot 1/1/8 3dram. i ould iket make thoes loads.

November 20, 1999, 09:56 AM
house I don't reload shotshells but I do reload handgun and rifle rounds. I love my Dillom RL 550B and they are now making a progressive shotshell reloader. Dillon is probably the best company to deal with when it comes to reloading. They stand behind there work, as only a company, actually run by a shooter will.

Most of the people that I know that reload shotshell use MEC, and none of them have converted to the new Dillon machine as of yet so I don't know how Dillons shotshell reloader compare to the others on the market.


November 20, 1999, 12:34 PM
reloading shotshells is easy and fun. I started doing it about 30 years ago on my dad's MEC loader (used when he bought it) making just about the same trap load as you want. I picked up dad's old Mec loader and some misc stuff this summer and started up again. (Anybody else out there remember these prices- unique and red dot for less than $5/lb! hey what do you know, it still goes boom!) Even with a single stage, you can still crank out quite a few shells per hour once you get the hang of it.
That 250 shells a day you mention, how many days do you do that? once a week, once a month? if it is weekly then get a progressive, if monthly then a regular loader will do nicely, just not quite as fast. MEC is probably the most widely available and the standard by which all of the other brands are judged, you won't go wrong with a MEC. Looking in a recent catalog from Natchez Shooters Supply 800 251-7839 the 600 Jr. Mk V single stage can reload 8-10 boxes (200-250)/hr and costs $84.28 Other prices are the Grabber (progressive) for $237 on up to the Hustler (progressive) for $697. Just remember that you can make the same quality of ammo on a $35 Lee Load All as on the most expensive progressive.
good luck,

November 20, 1999, 01:54 PM
I shoot ATA matches and i pactise every other day! i go threw alot of loades. I will look in to natchez. do they have a webpage?

November 21, 1999, 11:40 AM
house, I e-mailed you the #'s you asked for.

For any interested parties. www.natchezss.com (http://www.natchezss.com)

house had already found them on the web and e-mailed me before I posted this, apparently had some problems, I had given him some prices and stuff from one of their mini catalogs and he couldn't locate this info on their website.