View Full Version : Mossburg Pursuader = 500A?

November 11, 1999, 11:07 PM
A friend was going to buy a Mossburg Pursuader at Wal-Mart for $195 as an inexpensive alternative to my Winchester Defender that he likes so much. He also wants to attach a Speedfeed stock to this gun. The Speedfeed ad says "does not work with 500A". Is that the Pursuader, or do stocks designed for the 500 work with the Pursuader also?

Bob S
November 12, 1999, 03:14 PM
Onslaught, its funny that you posted this question, I too have a mossburg pursuader, but am wanting to put a stock on it instead of just the pistol grip. Does anyone know if mosseburg makes a stock to match the sythetic forgrip, or other makers that make a stock to take the place of my pistol grip? How much should I expect to pay?? (Sorry I didnt answer your question, but I'd be interested in hearing about this "speedfeed" stock)

November 12, 1999, 10:37 PM
Bob, The mossburg pursuaders at walmart COME with a full synthetic stock instead of the pistol grip. I'm sure you could get one from Mossburg, or from your local dealer. The Speedfeed stock is available from DELTAFORCE.COM, and has either the straight stock, or the pistol grip/stock. The unique thing about it is that the stock itself holds two rounds on each side IN the stock, kinda the same way they fit in the mag tube. But, as my question suggests, I don't know if they fit the Pursuader, if it is indeed a 500A.

November 21, 1999, 03:19 AM
Hello, I've been a long time reader of "The Firing Line," but I just now got off my lazy butt and actually registered so I can post here...

Anyway, I also have a Mossberg 500A Persuader (it says so on the box). It's the 8-shot model with a 20" barrel and synthetic stocks. I ordered the Speedfeed III stock (pistol grip w/internal shell tubes) and it fits perfectly on the 500A. The TacStar SideSaddle fits just fine also. So, if any does know what the difference between the 500 and 500A is, I'd like to know!

BTW, the Speedfeed stock is very nice. Deltaforce sells them for $80 or so, but you can get it chear ($65) from botach.com or other online sources.