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Mark M33
November 13, 1999, 06:28 PM
I bought the combo with the 26 inch smoothbore and a slug barrell. Will visit my brother-in-law to shoot skeet tomerrow. Anyone have any experience with this pump? Has anyone fired the 3 1/2 shell? I would like to refinish the butt, any suggestion? Thanks. M33

Dave McC
November 13, 1999, 09:28 PM
The 870 itself is becoming the C-47 of the pump world,with the model just perking along decade after decade. BTW, it's based on some J Browning patents.

As for the 3 1/2" shell, no experience at all, I regard it as a little too much. But, if it works for you..

November 14, 1999, 09:19 AM
I just took a newbie out to the range last Friday. He had bought an 870 Super Magnum Express and a 7400 on his dealer's advice. The 870 seemed to shoot well. He also had the 26 inch tube but he knew nothing about which choke it came with. I explained to him about using the wrench to change out tubes. He didn't have the wrench with him so we couldn't inspect which choke he had. The only problem he had was on his forward stroke he wasn't pushing all the way forward, thus not locking up the action. It was a bit stiff, but it was brand new. Those were the first shots he ever put through the shotgun or rifle (or any shotgun or rifle for that matter). We only ran 7 1/2s, 8s and some 00 buckshot through it, but the nice big recoil pad takes a lot of the recoil out. All in all a pretty nice shotgun.

Dave McC
November 15, 1999, 01:06 PM
Fal308, my guess is that'un came with a modified choke tube installed. Seems to be SOP with Remington. Modified is a good all round choke for most shooting.

Mark M33
November 15, 1999, 07:06 PM
Went to shoot it yesterday with 2 3/4 skeet and mixed hunting loads. It was stiff when loading, but had no problem hitting the clays pigeons. It comes with the modified choke. The recoil is not bad, kicks more than the Mossberg 500. Overall I'm happy with the $399.00 price for the combo(26 S/B and 20 F/R) bllrs. Will shoot the slug barrel at the NRA next week.M33

November 16, 1999, 03:39 PM

You many or many not have the answer to my question (anyone else may chime in as well!), but I'll ask anyway. I've been considering the Express combo for a while now (just waiting on the funding to build up), and I was noticing in the Remington catalog that the combos come with the smooth bore for one, and either a fully-rifled slug barrel or an improved cylinder barrel. So I ask (as I let my ignorance of shotguns shine though), what is an improved cylinder barrel, and what is it used for?


November 16, 1999, 06:06 PM

The Improved Cylinder barrel is a smooth bore barrel with a fixed improved cylinder choke.
Most HD shotguns come with fixed chokes generally for use with buckshot. The rifled barrel is for slugs and will give poor performance with buckshot and birdshot. The regular smooth bore barrel has interchangeable chokes for use with birdshot.

Geoff Ross

November 16, 1999, 10:25 PM
The 870 Exp. Magnum is a good gun. I have enjoyed mine for over three years now. Don't have a slug barrel, though. The only thing that I would be cautious of, is that it KICKS with 00 or 000 buckshot in 3 1/2 shells using a full choke, as any gun would. If you and Mr. Recoil don't get along that well, stick to the modified choke or 3 in. shells when using buckshot.