View Full Version : 870- Police Model Barrel?

November 12, 1999, 12:48 PM
I recently posted a topic on the Remington 870 HD and was given advise to purchase a rifle sited police model barrel. Only problem is that I can't find any! If you know of a dealer or supplier, let me know! Thanks much-

B Shipley
November 12, 1999, 07:58 PM
Try somebody like Kiesler Police Supply in Jeffersonville, IN. I bought mine locally in Kansas City by playing phone tag. Next time, I'd go directly to a police supply company. Mine listed for ~$170, but I got it for $145 b/c cash talks. None of those damned requistions and POs to file and wait until payment is authorized, I guess. I'll try to find the box so that I can give you a part number.

B Shipley
November 12, 1999, 08:03 PM
Order # is: 26237 for 18" parkerized police barrel w/rifle sights.

November 13, 1999, 01:34 AM
Mine is 20" blue.1975

November 13, 1999, 01:17 PM
Great, thanks again!